100+ Text Abbreviations You Should Know By Now

With the everyday increasing hype of social media and social media messaging, one should get used to the abbreviations that are mostly used on that social network. Today we’re going to talk about text abbreviations that one should know to send someone a quick message or not look stupid reading when someone else sends you an abbreviation.

I still remember the time when abbreviations never existed, seriously when I started using Facebook there were hardly any Facebook abbreviations and slowly people started abbreviations “Thank You”, “Take Care”, “See Ya”, “Good Night” and then we never stopped. Now if we are to message someone, regardless of it being Facebook, we only use text abbreviations, and most of the time they are all the same as the Facebook abbreviations.

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There are a lot of users who still find it really hard to get used to these “Facebook Slang” and all sort of abbreviations. I still get and see lots of the messages that do not make any sense at all. And truly speaking most of the abbreviations that I see don’t make any sense at all, most of them are just created by a bunch of users that are so lazy to type a word or just trying to be cool using these Facebook/ Text abbreviations that do not make any sense at all.

Let me cover a few very popular slangs lots of users like to use and how to use them properly.

What Does WYO Mean In Texting?

WYO simply stands for “what your on”, this has two meanings and depending upon the situation it is used can mean different things.

It either means, what are you doing or when you would like to make plans with someone else. On the other hand, it can also mean what are they trying to do, say, or mean.

Scenario one – WYO for making plans

Let’s say you called in sick for work and reach out to a friend, you can ask them WYO. This means what they are up to and if they would give you company to do whatever you plan to do.

Scenario two – WYO in an argument

Either it’s a heated argument or not, when someone says something that does not make too much sense, you can reply back with WYO. It simply means “what are your on about?” Like what are you trying to say or what the F*** do you mean?

This is very common slang in Australia and maybe not much for the part of the world you are from.

WYO meaning in texting can mean two things. It stands for “What You On” and is either used to ask what someone is up to and make plans with them or when you don’t agree with what someone is saying and want them to know that.

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What Does BMS Mean On Tiktok?

If you have been on Tiktok you might have come across the work BMS, which stands for “Broke My Scale”. No, they are not referring to your scale or judging you by your weight, it actually is a compliment.

They are trying to say that you look or are so attractive that if there was a scale of measurement of attractiveness, you would break that scale or would be off the charts.

This is widely used by users on Snapchat too. So if you would like to give the highest of compliments next time to someone on Tiktok or Snapchat, leave a BMB or Broke my scale comment on their posts or DM.

BMS stands for broke my scale on TikTok. It’s an expression of praise of beauty or attractiveness and if there was a scale to measure it you would break that scale. In other words, you are 100 out of 10.

What Does SUS Mean In Text ?

SUS is an abbreviation for “Suspense”, “Suspicious”, “Suspect” and any situation or person that is suspicious or shady. In some cases, it can also mean slang for “stay quiet”.

For e.g. If someone texts you “It’s kindsa sus that this person did this”. What it means is, it’s kind of suspicious that this person was able to do this and there is more to it.

SUS simply means the situation, person, or subject mentioned in the text message is suspicious or there is more to the situation than what it actually seems.

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In Facebook, there are abbreviations for different words, phrases, and also for emoticons that might get you into confusion sometimes. First of all, let’s see some of the most common and must know Facebook abbreviations for texting (Words, phrases, etc)

Text Abbreviations And Their Meanings

  1. WYO: What You ON
  2. BMS: Broke My Scale on Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram
  3. SUS: Supicious, Suspect
  4. A/S/L : A/S/L stands for Age, Sex and Language/Location. This is one of the most basic acronyms/ abbreviations/slang when it comes to every social media, emailing and not just Facebook.
  5. AFAIK :  It stands for As Far As I know.
  6. AAMOF: As a matter of fact.
  7. ASF: As F***!.
  8. BRB: Be Right Back.
  9. BTW: By The Way.
  10. BC: Be Cool.
  11. BM: Bite Me.
  12. BBL: Be Back Later
  13. BAE: One of the abbreviation that is mostly used on the internet and daily life is “BAE”. It simply stands for “Before Anyone Else”.
  14. BBQ: Better Be Quick.
  15. BO: Brain Over Load.
  16. CU: See You.
  17. CUL: See You Later.
  18. CYA: See Ya.
  19. CFY: Calling For You.
  20. CTS: Changing The Subject.
  21. CUL8TR :See You Later.
  22. CMIIW: Correct Me If I Am Wrong.
  23. DIY: Do It Yourself.
  24. DAE: Does Anyone Else.
  25. DND: Do Not Disturb.
  26. DFTBA: Donot Forget To Be Awesome.
  27. EG : Evil Grin
  28. ELI5: Explain Like I Am 5.
  29. EOS: End Of Story.
  30. FYI: For Your Information.
  31. FITB: Fill In The Blank.
  32. FB: Another Most Widely Used, “FB” i.e. Facebook.
  33. FAQ: Frequently Asked Question.
  34. F2F: Face To Face.
  35. FTW: For The Win.
  36. FTFY: Fixed That For You.
  37. FBF: Flash Back Friday.
  38. FML: F*** My Life.
  39. GTG: Got To GO.
  40. Gr8: Great.
  41. GAL: Get A Life.
  42. GF: Girlfriend.
  43. GG: Good Game.
  44. GN: Good Night.
  45. GTR: Getting Ready.
  46. HAND: Have A Nice Day.
  47. HTH: Hope That Helps.
  48. HMU: Hit Me UP.
  49. HB: Hurry Back.
  50. IDK: I Dont Know.
  51. IRL: In Real Life.
  52. IANAD: I Am Not A Doctor.
  53. IC: I See.
  54. IIRC: If I Remember Correctly.
  55. JK: Just Kidding
  56. JIC: Just In Case.
  57. JAM: Just A Minute.
  58. K: Ok.
  59. LMK : Let Me Know.
  60. LMA: Leave Me Alone.
  61. LOL: Laugh Out Loud.
  62. LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off.
  63. LAM: Leave A Message.
  64. Msg: Message.
  65. NP: No Problem.
  66. NE1: Anyone.
  67. NM: Never Mind.
  68. NSFW: NSFW Means Not Safe For Work.
  69. NSFL: Not Safe For Life.
  70. OMG: Oh My God.
  71. OIC: Oh ! I See.
  72. OS: Operating System.
  73. OAN: On Another Note.
  74. OOC: Out Of Character.
  75. PM: Private Message.
  76. PAW: Parents Are Watching.
  77. Q4U: Question For You.
  78. RL: Real Life.
  79. RT: Retweet.
  80. r8: Right.
  81. ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing.
  82. THX: Thanks
  83. TCO: Taken Care Of.
  84. TMI: Too Much Information.
  85. TY: Thank You.
  86. TC: Take Care.
  87. TTYL: Talk To You Later.
  88. TxT: Text.
  89. TYVM: Thank You Very Much.
  90. TTYS: Talk To You Soon.
  91. TTFN: Ta-ta For Now.
  92. TBT: This was one of the mostly used text abbreviations on Instagram, where you post a picture from a while back that was clicked on Thursday.
  93. TBH: To Be Honest.
  94. WB: Welcome Back.
  95. WU?: Whats Up.
  96. WTH: Who The F*** or What The F*** .
  97. WUF: Where You From / Where Are You From ?
  98. WTH: What The Heck?
  99. WBU: What About You?
  100. W8AM: Wait A Minute.
  101. WAD: Without A Doubt.
  102. YNK: You Never Know.
  103. YSK: You Should Know.

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So this is a huge list of the most widely used Facebook/ text abbreviations. Actually, these abbreviations are widely used in daily life and also on all social media. Now, let’s see some of the Facebook emoticon abbreviations that you might or might not know.

Facebook Emoticons Text Abbreviations

  1. 🙂 or 🙂 or =) or :] :  This Usually Represents Smiley Faces.
  2. <3 : Heart
  3.  >:( or >:-(  : Angry Face.
  4. :v : Pacman.
  5. :|] : Robot.
  6. 8) or 😎 or B) or B-) : Face With Glasses On.
  7. 8| or 8-| or B| or B-|: Faces With Dark Glasses On.
  8. o.O or O.o : Eyes, bigger and smaller.
  9. :putnam:  Representation of a Facebook Employee putnam.
  10. 3:) or 3:-): Devil.
  11. O:) or O:-) : Angel
  12. :3 : Face with mustache or cat face
  13. ^_^ : Happy Face.
  14. -_- : Straight Face.
  15. :* or :-*: Give a Kiss.
  16. :'( : Crying
  17. 🙁 or 🙁 or =( or :[ : Sad Faces.
  18. :p or :-p: Stick your Tounge Out.
  19. *<:-): Santa Claus.
  20. 😉 or 😉 : Wink
  21. 😮 or 😮 : Surprised Face.
  22. :-@ : Angry Face
  23. (^^^) : Shark
  24. <(“) : Penguin
  25. {:V: Duck

These are some of the most used Facebook emoticons or Facebook emoticons shortcodes. Most of these codes give a descriptive result when sent as a text message.

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All these are nothing but just a bunch of lazy users that started a new trend to create a short representation for a word they mostly used and then everyone joined the hype and these text abbreviations are a must-know if you text or message a lot.

Have we missed any text abbreviations that you think are really worth sharing or using? Do let us know!

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