Facebook Privacy Settings You Might Not Know About

Facebook, one of the world’s largest social networking sites has no doubt change the face of social communication and connections. Being the largest network, it’s equally vital to be well-known about Facebook Privacy Settings as there is always a risk of

social data theft or disclosure. Maintaining privacy on Facebook has been quite easier these days with various Facebook privacy settings.
Among various other social networking sites like Twitter, Google+ etc. most of us and mostly the teenagers find Facebook the primary source for connections with friends or get news and alerts. Though Facebook has launched various security features for their users to secure their social data and contacts some of us have not made the best use of these security or Facebook privacy settings till date.
Today at EveryBodyIT, we’ll discuss some of the best Facebook privacy settings Facebook has and by properly utilizing these features you canprivate profile on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings: A Complete Guide


         1.Control your posts and activity Audience:

With privacy settings for your posts and activity you can control almost every activity of yours. Be it a status update, friend requests or even the search engines, you can define who can or cannot find you or your activity on Facebook.
Get into your Facebook settings from the top right corner of your home page and then selecting privacy settings.
You can control your future or past posts audience or control who can or cannot send you friend requests  or find you.
  •         Limit audience for past or future posts:
To control your posts audience, under privacy settings and tools  you will see Who can see my stuff, just click on edit and select who will be able to see your posts in the future. You can select your future posts to be public, share only with friends, make it completely private by selecting “only me”, only selected friends via “custom” option or a fixed predefined list of people or your friends on Facebook.
And after that, click on “limit past posts”. What it does is this changes the privacy settings of your previous posts to “only friends”.
  •          Friend requests and messages:
Just below you stuff options, you can customize who can send you friend requests or you also can filter the messages you receive.  To change the present settings, click on edit and select who can send you requests. You have two options, either “everyone” or  “friends of friends”. This setting can limit the number of unwanted friend requests as the only friend with whom you are “mutual” will be able to friend request. And for filtering your unwanted messages and control whether you receive messages mostly from friends or also from other strangers that you are not friends with from the option just below the “friend requests” option.
  •          People can find you with your EMAIL or Phone No:
Last and one of the crucial privacy features. All of us have our email addresses and phone numbers on Facebook. Though not many of us have updated out phone number on Facebook, everyone certainly has an email id. Other users can search and find you by entering your email id or phone number in Facebook search. With this feature enabled in your profile, it will be much easier to search for you wouldn’t it?
So , you should disable or limit this feature with the “Edit” option to private profile on Facebook.

  • Stop search engine indexing:
Yeah, search engines do indexes your profile and information on search engines and since we cannot use privacy setting on Google search  its better to turn of search engine crawling. Just click on “edit” and turn the features off by noticing  the option “Let other search engines link to your timeline”.
  • .      Timeline And Tagging :
When It comes to  Facebook privacy, timeline and tagging are the most crucial aspects to look into. You must have seen your friends tagged in other people’s photos. This increases exposure of your profile as people friends with the user who tags the person can see your profile. So you can use Facebook privacy features to private profile on Facebook using the Timeline and Tagging features.
You can access Timeline and Tagging privacy Facebook features on the left sidebar of the privacy settings page. These settings allow you to choose whether your friends can or cannot post on your wall.


One of the best feature of this privacy feature is that you can view your profile acting as any other anonymous user and see what and which posts that a user that are not friends with you will see. To use this feature, click on “View as” option under “who can see things on my timeline”.
And finally to preventing other users from tagging you can definitely control the exposure of your Facebook profile by preventing other users to randomly tag you or can enable a “review” feature that allows you to review any posts that you were tagged in. Only posts that you approve will be tagged with your profile and the remaining posts remain pending and you may review them later on if you want.

      3.  Too Famous? Enable Followers:

Well, one of the recently launched features by Facebook is the followers option on your Facebook profile. If you do not want unnecessary friend requests then you can enable the follow option. This will allow the follower to get in touch with your public posts. Famous celebrities or personnel can make good use of this feature. They can keep their fan following update with their current going projects or their personal life as well. Since, Facebook only allows a fixes no of friend requests, enabling the follow button will keep your fan following increase and keep your readers updated.

       4.Mobile Notifications prevent unauthorized access:

Apart from using your mobile number to verify your account and preventing yourselves to enter capchas , you can track any unauthorized logins for your Facebook account. You do get SMSs for various other notifications (not available for all the countries), enabling this feature will help you know if there has been an unauthorized or unknown access to your Facebook profile. To enable this feature, Goto Security Tab on the left hand side of the privacy settings page and click “Edit” on login notifications.
Note: You need to have a verified phone to enable Facebook privacy feature but if you have disabled the phone and Email lookup feature as we explained earlier, you are good to go.

     5. Choose your apps and games wisely:

This has been one of the great issues that have been breached user’s privacy and sometime crossing the user guidelines provided by Facebook. You might have seen various unreal, misleading and mostly sexually explicit contents been posted on Facebook walls, comments and groups.
To prevent ourselves from these kinds of humiliating and shameful acts always think twice before viewing or using anything that is suspicious. If you really want to see what’s beside that, it will be better to use any other accounts that you do not generally use. You might lose your private data and most of the times loose reputation among your friends, family and colleagues that miss concept it totally as your task.

 Upto You

So I’ve tried to summarize some  of the best Facebook privacy settings to private profile on Facebook. Though you cannot totally private your profile, still sharing with some of your close friends and preventing unwanted users and stuff using these privacy Facebook features will certainly help you maintain a private profile and better use of the privacy settings on Facebook. 
What do you think is good? To have public updates or make use of the Facebook privacy settings.

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