How To Get Reels on IG If Instagram Reels is Not Working


If you were previously able to create or view Reels on Instagram and suddenly Instagram Reels is not working, this guide will help you get Reels on IG back. For someone that is in a location prohibited by Instagram or Meta from using this feature, you might have to look for some other solutions. This …

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What is ProtonMail and How to Use It?


Do you know what is ProtonMail and why it is considered the secure way of sending an Email? ProtonMail might be a new word for many people, and they have no idea about its functionality, uses, and importance. This guide is to help you understand Proton Mail, Protonmail Login, and signup. ProtonMail is the largest …

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How to Configure Google Chromecast with your TV

configure google chromecast

Chromecast is a small and powerful device that can convert a normal television set into a smart TV. It is a standard video adapter that makes it simple and affordable to wirelessly beam content from your tablet, android phones, iOS devices, or any other device to your television. If there is an HDMI port on …

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How To Merge PDF Files Into One For Free Online


Merging PDF files sounds like a no brainer. You have scanned multiple pages of the same document, and now before you upload them you need to make sure you upload a single PDF file, you try opening Adobe acrobat reader but to do so you need to buy an extra plugin and Adobe subscription. Also …

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5 Reasons Not To Buy New Macbook Pro 2016

Apple has finally refreshed its Macbook product lines. At an event on 27 October in San Francisco, Apple revealed its brand new refreshed Macbooks. They revealed lots of new features and also other changes but has these changes been able to wow its users?? Well, sort of. In this article, we will go through 5 …

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How To Block Websites On Mozilla Firefox

The Internet is the best place if you want to increase the knowledge. With useful stuff, there are so many things that you do not want to access. The Internet is filled with intense and bad things that definitely you do not want your family to access, especially children. They get attracted to these things …

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10 Best Free Games For Kids / Toddlers iPad,iPhone,Android

Babies and Toddlers always attract towards the screen, especially mobiles. They like to watch and play on mobiles. It is a good idea to install interactive games on your smartphone which not just entertain the toddler but also help them to learn new skills. There are plenty of games available for toddlers on both Android …

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10 Best Browsers For Android Phones This Year

The best part of a smartphone is you can browse the internet when you want and where you are. You can read your favorite blogs, you can shop online, and you can get social on social networking sites. To do this you use an application called browser. There are so many, here in this article, …

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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make ???

YouTubers Income

When someone asks me every time, How Much Money Do YouTubers Make ? It always confuses me as in how to respond to the question. Actually there is not an exact answer or an exact figure that a certain YouTuber makes. No one, including the YouTuber with “x” number of followers will be able to …

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iPhone 7, another disappointment from Apple ?

iPhone 7 is set to release in September this year, but like any other year all the rumors and leaks have already been out there. Unlike last year, this year lots of authorities have been able to even create mock ups of the upcoming flagship from Apple. If you have not seen one yet, you …

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[Fix] iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Is your iPhone touch screen not working on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus? Instead of calling the apple care center and getting an appointment arranged, we’ve compiled a list of things that you can do on your own to fix your not working iphone touch screen. Before you get on with …

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How To Turn On Flashlight On iPhone/Android

Smartphones are used for almost everything these days. Be it managing our account, schedule for the rest of the week or our health, smartphone does it all. Our phones can also come in handy in other places like navigating through dark using the flash light it has. If your smartphone camera is equipped with a …

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iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode


Are you also a victim of the problem where your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in and the iPhone stuck in headphone mode? There can be a lot of different reasons behind this error that you are facing, but with all the luck you might not have to take your iPhone to a repair center. …

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What SSD Drive Does Your Laptop Support

SSD drives can really boost your PC/Laptop’s performance when it comes to reading and writing. This means, with the right hardware configurations the SSD will be a huge bonus supporting faster windows loading, applications, games and every task that you use your system for. I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire V Nitro (VN7-571G-70HF) laptop to …

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