What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?


If you’ve decided to block someone on Instagram and are wondering what happens when you block someone on Instagram, there are a few things to remember. Even though Instagram does not notify the user when you block or unblock someone on Instagram, understanding the changes that come with these actions will save you from a …

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How To Unblock Someone on Instagram Using App or Computer


We all have blocked someone on Instagram right? As easy as the process is to block someone, unblocking someone on Instagram is also quite simple. There are a couple of ways to do so which I’ve explained step by step in the guide down below including things you should keep in mind when trying to …

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Snapchat Not Working? Here’s What I Do To Fix It


Snapchat has been known for its glitchy mobile application in the past. There are a lot of users looking for solutions to Snapchat not working on their iPhone or android. If you have found yourself in a similar situation and wondering why isn’t Snapchat working, this guide will help you troubleshoot and resolve any Snapchat …

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How To Search YouTube Comment Histroy Like a Professional


YouTube is my go-to place to watch the latest content from my favorite content creators. I hardly leave comments on YouTube videos. If I do it is either to appreciate their hard work and effort or so that I can check back my YouTube comment history and find those videos. You can create playlists as …

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How To Reply To A Message On Instagram


Instagram has been constantly releasing a bunch of new features after Facebook took over the platform. From stories to stickers, a better messaging feature, and a whole lot more. One of the features that were initially lacking on the Instagram messages was the ability to reply to a specific message. With recent updates, users are …

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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story, DM, Post?


Instagram has gained new heights after being acquired by Facebook, no doubt about that. Instagram has gone through lots of major changes when it comes to features and settings available to its users. When Instagram first brought out the “Stories” feature over from Snapchat, it also tried to release a screenshot notification feature to its …

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How To Loop A YouTube Video – YouTube On Repeat


Youtube has been everyone’s go-to place for music and video consumption these days. Its undoubtedly one of the major sources of music consumption after Spotify, pandora, etc. Since YouTube’s primary purpose is not to serve the music, it lacks most of the basic functions when anyone wants to use YouTube as a music provider. In …

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How To Play YouTube In The Background iPhone 2021


When Apple released iOS 14 beta and along with it came the picture and picture feature. You can now watch any video while using other applications or even play them in the background. Unfortunately, when the full version was released, the picture in picture mode stopped working for YouTube. In this guide, I will explain …

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How To Facebook Search Without An Account or Login


Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform, with an active user of over 2.2 billion. Whether you refuse to register a Facebook account or have one that you can’t access right now, learning how to Facebook search without an Account is a skill one must possess. If you know the techniques, then it will …

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How To See Deleted Instagram Posts?


Instagram is one of the most popular images and video-sharing social media networks. It’s as simple as clicking a photo and then uploading it to your account. Have you ever been in a condition where you have mistakenly deleted an Instagram photo and wondered how to see deleted Instagram posts? Now, you may simply recover …

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Things You Need To Consider For Facebook Marketing


Facebook is a great place for marketing as it is the largest social media network in the world. Every month, about 2.7 billion people log on to Facebook to connect with friends and family and learn about topics that interest them. If you are a business owner and want to grow your business, Facebook is …

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How To Enable YouTube Picture in Picture on iOS 14


Apple released a new feature called picture in picture with iOS 14. This feature was working initially on the iOS 14 beta, but with the official release of iOS 14, this feature worked. Let’s see how to enable YouTube picture in picture in iOS 14 without any third part shortcut apps. One can easily enable …

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How to Use Twitter for Business Growth in 2021

use twitter for business

Just like many other social media sites, Twitter can also be used for promoting various businesses. If you know how to use Twitter for business, it will be very beneficial for your business in 2021. There’s a lot on Twitter, from hashtags and pinned messages to Twitter lists and social media influencers. Various businesses can …

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