Open Google DOCS Desktop Site On Android or iPhone


The official Google Docs mobile app for android or iOS devices lacks a lot of features and tools available on the Google Docs desktop site. You know the pain if you’ve tried to do a hanging indentation in Google Docs document using the mobile app. I am not hating the app, I think it’s great …

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How To Do A Hanging Indent on Google Docs


A hanging indent on Google Docs allows you to indent all the lines of a paragraph except the first line. You can set the indentation orientation to the left or right hand side of the document. For someone familiar with hanging indent on Microsoft Word, the Google Docs interface can be overwhelming to begin with. …

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Where Are Chrome Bookmarks Stored In Windows or MAC


Google Chrome bookmarks are stored as a file called “Bookmarks” and “Bookmarks.dat” on Windows 10/11/7 or macOS. If you are trying to manually backup and restore your Google Chrome bookmarks, it’s a great idea to do so just in case your cloud sync features don’t work correctly. If you are wondering where are Chrome bookmarks …

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How To Update Chrome Extensions Without Uninstalling Them


If you are an avid Google Chrome user, you already know that one must have useful extensions installed to assure the best Google chrome performance. You must update Chrome extensions regularly for security purposes and make sure you are using the latest version of the extension. Yes, Chrome extensions are pushed to all users automatically, …

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Enable Picture In Picture on Chrome For Any Website


If you have not yet enabled picture in picture on Chrome, you are missing out. I personally am a big fan of this feature and use it across all of my devices. In this guide, I will help you enable picture in picture on Chrome (Windows/mac) for any website including YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. …

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How To Turn Off Auto Capitalization in Google Docs


Google docs like all other Google products is packed with features and tools for you to get the most out of your time. A majority of users alter one setting, they turn off auto capitalization in Google docs. I usually turn it off when I need to edit PDF in google docs. If you’ve found …

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How To Change Name Color On Discord Servers


If you are looking to change your name color on discord, there are a few things you should know beforehand. If you are wondering how to change name color on discord server that you are a new member of without any roles assigned, you are out of luck. You can download and use discord on …

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Ultimate Chrome Hardware Acceleration Guide For Power Users


Enabling the Google chrome hardware acceleration feature ON allows you to make full use of the available hardware resources. It particularly comes in handy for processing GPU-intensive tasks e.g. processing a 4K video, playing an online game, and much more. Google Chrome is a resource-hungry browser and at times regardless of how specked out your …

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How To Block Emails In Outlook 365 Or Web App


If you are sick of receiving emails from a spam address or would like to block all the emails for a certain period of time, Outlook has lots of options for you. Spammers are getting very trick these days and sometimes the unsubscribe option does not really take you off that email marketing list. So, …

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How To Create An Email Group In Outlook 365, Online Web App


For anyone who uses Outlook for day-to-day communication, manages their calendar and to-do lists, creating an email group can save you a lot of time if you happen to email a set number of users most of the time. Outlook contacts can be added to custom groups, or you can create groups without making them …

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How To Create A Signature In Outlook 365 or Outlook Web App


Outlook users can create a signature for themselves and change it as they prefer. Unless your organization uses a server-side signature application process. In that case, you will need to check with your IT team first before duplicating and possibly creating discrepancies. This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a signature in outlook …

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How To Send Encrypted Email in Gmail


Gmail is part of Google’s workspace which was formerly known as G Suite. It’s Microsoft’s Office 365, Google workspace is Google’s take at providing a wide range of applications that meets most of the corporate’s needs. Did you know you can use Gmail encryption to send encrypted email in Gmail? This is a step-by-step guide …

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How To Count Character In Word Quickly


Microsoft word is the application I have used for a very long time to write content for Windowslovers. I’ve tried other applications too but I find myself coming back to using Word over other word processing applications. I always keep track of how many words or characters I’ve written for a specific post. If you …

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How To Flip an Image In Photoshop In 60 Seconds


Photoshop is a great all-rounder tool to create, edit, customize, and do a bunch of other photos/image editing-related tasks. If you have never used Adobe Photoshop in the past, the interface can be very overwhelming at the start. But for someone who is only looking for basic editing like how to flip an image in …

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