5 Reasons Not To Buy New Macbook Pro 2016

Apple has finally refreshed its Macbook product lines. At an event on 27 October in San Francisco, Apple revealed its brand new refreshed Macbooks. They revealed lots of new features and also other changes but has these changes been able to wow its users?? Well, sort of.
In this article, we will go through 5 reasons why “We” think you should not buy a 2016 Macbook pro.

Please keep in mind that these are our personal preferences and opinions.

I have never owned a Macbook personally, no that I hate Macbooks but have never bought one. I might get one in future, but will not get one this year for sure.

5 Reasons Not To Buy New Macbook Pro 2016

1. Still a 6th Generation Processor

Apple has finally updated the processors on the Macbooks after long time. Intel has already released their 7th generation processors. But new macbooks still use 6th generation processors.

Novice users still will not be able to tell the difference between the two processors performance, but I would not settle for a older generation processor for the price tag they have on the new Macbook pros.

You can check for the specs about all different Intel’s CPUs here.

2. Only Has USB Type-C Drives

USB-C are gonna be our future very soon(probably). But call me old fashioned but I still like my laptop loaded with all the ports that i need all the time. Some of them being :

  • Traditional USB drives
  • HDMI ports
  • External Display port
  • Charging Port

2016 Macbook Pros only has USB-C drives. Cool thing is that you can use any port to charge your Mac book, rather than that I donot really like the idea of carrying around a dongle all the time for my other devices.

3. That Pricetag though

The 12-inch base model starts at $1499 and goes until $1999. But if even though you decide to pay little extra money and spend couple grand on a brand new laptop, you are only getting a i7 processor and 512 Gigs SSD.

Macbooks are high end products and built rigid and tough, but when I pay that price i expect it to be buffed up and has all the latest hardware.

Lets not even start about the 15-inch Macbooks. They are really expensive.

4. No Touch Screen

Ok, this might be just me expecting too much. But if I pay for a high end device with a glorious screen, I expect it to pack a touch screen.

5. Other Reasons

Are you a fan of the “ESC” button on your laptop??? If yes, than it is missing on the new macbook pro 2016, but it is on the touch bar. So usually for the developers and other hardcore ‘esc” users you might have to spend some time getting used to that.

One more issue might be not enough RAM and also external GPU, which is only available on the costly version of the laptop. That might cost you a leg and and arm though :D.

Well, these are some of the reasons why I think someone should not buy new 2016 Macbook Pro and have these things in mind.

Until next time, Cheers!!

Prajwal is a senior editor @Windowslovers. A Tech enthusiast who loves to read and write articles that aid users in getting the most out of their gadgets and tech it easy.

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