What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?


If you’ve decided to block someone on Instagram and are wondering what happens when you block someone on Instagram, there are a few things to remember. Even though Instagram does not notify the user when you block or unblock someone on Instagram, understanding the changes that come with these actions will save you from a …

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How To Unblock Someone on Instagram Using App or Computer


We all have blocked someone on Instagram right? As easy as the process is to block someone, unblocking someone on Instagram is also quite simple. There are a couple of ways to do so which I’ve explained step by step in the guide down below including things you should keep in mind when trying to …

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Open Google DOCS Desktop Site On Android or iPhone


The official Google Docs mobile app for android or iOS devices lacks a lot of features and tools available on the Google Docs desktop site. You know the pain if you’ve tried to do a hanging indentation in Google Docs document using the mobile app. I am not hating the app, I think it’s great …

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How To Do A Hanging Indent on Google Docs


A hanging indent on Google Docs allows you to indent all the lines of a paragraph except the first line. You can set the indentation orientation to the left or right hand side of the document. For someone familiar with hanging indent on Microsoft Word, the Google Docs interface can be overwhelming to begin with. …

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How To Find Mac Address on iPhone [Any Model]

How-To-Find-Mac-Address-on-iPhone -private-wifi-address-any-model

Mac Address is a unique address assigned to every device that is or can be connected to the internet. For whatever reason, if you are wondering how to find the MAC address on iPhone or iPad devices, the process is very simple. Your iPhone has a WiFi card which enables you to connect to various …

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How To Ctrl Alt Del on Remote desktop Session


I use the default remote desktop app for Windows 10 or Windows 11 to connect to other PCs on my network. During the first session, I was not aware of how to send ctrl alt del on remote desktop computer. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, it’s quite easy and there are a …

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What Does No Location Found Mean on iPhone Find My App


iOS 13 merged Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a single app called Find My App. When the application fails to read the exact location of your friend or family, it says No location found or location not available. But what’s the difference between them and what does no location found mean and …

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How To Get Reels on IG If Instagram Reels is Not Working


If you were previously able to create or view Reels on Instagram and suddenly Instagram Reels is not working, this guide will help you get Reels on IG back. For someone that is in a location prohibited by Instagram or Meta from using this feature, you might have to look for some other solutions. This …

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Where Are Chrome Bookmarks Stored In Windows or MAC


Google Chrome bookmarks are stored as a file called “Bookmarks” and “Bookmarks.dat” on Windows 10/11/7 or macOS. If you are trying to manually backup and restore your Google Chrome bookmarks, it’s a great idea to do so just in case your cloud sync features don’t work correctly. If you are wondering where are Chrome bookmarks …

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Do Not Disturb On The iPhone Explained In Detail


Enabling do not disturb on the iPhone is the quickest way to make sure you are not distracted by a tweet or a snap from your friend. But how do you enable or disable do not disturb on iPhone and what actually does it mean when you enable do not disturb mode on your iPhone, …

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Why Are My Messages Green Not Blue On My iPhone


iMessage is one of the main reasons people stick to the apple ecosystem. Before getting an iPhone, I never understood the craze behind iMessage, to be honest. After a few days of using iMessage, I would wonder at times “why are my messages green when texting another iPhone” instead of blue like they should be? …

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How To Unsilence Calls on iPhone and Turn On Ringer


If your phone is not ringing when you are receiving phone calls or automatically silences your calls, this guide will help you fix your problem. I’ll share the reasons why this might be happening in the first place and also how to unsilence calls and turn on ringer on your iPhone. In some extreme cases, …

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How To Update Chrome Extensions Without Uninstalling Them


If you are an avid Google Chrome user, you already know that one must have useful extensions installed to assure the best Google chrome performance. You must update Chrome extensions regularly for security purposes and make sure you are using the latest version of the extension. Yes, Chrome extensions are pushed to all users automatically, …

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