Best Solutions To WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration


Internet issues at home are quite common and very frustrating at times. If you are not a person who likes the technical behind anything, troubleshooting a WiFi internet connection problem can be a nightmare. A “WiFi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration” error is quite common yet confusing to solve sometimes. If you fire up …

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What is Ghosting on a Monitor and How to Fix This Error?


Ghosting on a monitor can be pretty annoying when it comes to user experience, i.e., while playing video games or heavily browsing your PC.  They may negatively impact your gaming experience, causing eye strain and dramatically degrading visual quality, particularly in fast-paced scenes. Even the most excellent PC displays can suffer from ghosting and visual …

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System Thread Exception Not Handled – Step By Step Guide


BSOD (Blue screen of Death) is an error state that your system reaches and gives you a system thread exception not handled error. Different BSOD gives a different error, but the troubleshooting is usually same across different kinds of errors. This article is a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve system thread exception …

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How To Solve WiFi Not Working On Laptop Windows 10?


Almost everything we do on a computer, from playing games, doing online meetings to viewing videos, needs a secure and fast Internet connection. While everything is working smoothly, we never know when we have to face problems like WiFi not working on laptop. This problem may arise in any version of Windows. But most of …

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How To Solve ‘There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC’ Error?


Many users face problems like the ‘There was a problem resetting your PC’ error while trying to reset their PC. In Windows 10, there is already a built-in feature that helps to reset your PC in advance startup options.  You can need to restart your machine for a variety of purposes. When something goes wrong …

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Google Home Not Connecting To Wifi [SOLVED]


Google home not connecting to WiFi is an issue every Google Home owner will face once in a while. Yes, it’s very frustrating when this happens. In this article, I’ve gone through some of the troubleshooting tips and tricks aiming to solve the “Google home not connecting to Wifi” issue. I assume you are trying …

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Solve Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10


The kernel security check failure is one of the most widely faced problems by a Windows user after a blue screen of death error. Having such an error in Windows is quite frustrating. When you find a BSOD error while booting Windows 10, you can see a blue screen with a unique stop code. The …

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Printer Not Responding Issues In Windows 10 [SOLVED]


Sometimes because of incorrect settings, unresponsive services, or hardware failure, you might encounter a “printer not responding” problem in your Windows 10 and “printer not printing” issues. This is a basic problem that users encounter regularly. Often quickly restarting the printer eliminates the problem. At other times, the printer drivers must be reinstalled entirely. Depending …

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Realtek Audio Not Working On Windows 10: Fix


Nowadays most of Windows laptop comes with Realtek audio driver for the better sound quality. Unfortunately, there are over a hundred factors that can cause the audio drivers to fail. Most of the “Realtek audio driver not working” error occurs after the Windows upgrade. Many OEM device brands use Realtek as their audio solution. Realtek …

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Solve Touchpad Not working Problem in Windows 10

touchpad not working in windows 10

Are you facing a touchpad not working problem in your Windows 10 laptop?  The laptop touchpad does the same work as the mouse on the desktop PC. You can end up stuck if your Touchpad does not work when you’re on the move or in some situation where you don’t have a convenient external mouse. …

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