How To Connect Alexa To iPhone or iPad


If you’ve recently purchased a new Alexa Echo smart home speaker and wondering how to connect Alexa to iPhone, this is the guide for you. For someone that already has a configured and working Alexa speaker, you can skip to the part of the guide where I guide you to connect your Amazon Echo device …

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How To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth Speakers


I currently have an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) smart speaker and a Google Home nest mini. The Echo Dot speakers are not the best quality for watching movies or listening to music. If you have one too and are wondering how to connect Alexa to Bluetooth speaker and level up your audio game, this …

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How To Cast Laptop To TV Wirelessly With Chromecast


For the past few years, I have been a regular user of Google’s smartphone appliances. Chromecast was the first device I purchased and have loved it since. Recently I figured out how to cast from laptop to TV wirelessly with Chromecast and this guide will help you do the same and answer any questions you …

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How To Search For A Word On A Page or Websites


Regardless of what operating system you use or what application you are on, a search tool makes life so much simpler, doesn’t it? Even though the feature works very much the same on all of them, this guide clarifies how to search for a word on a page. If you are on a Mac or …

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How To Connect Galaxy Buds To iPhone or iPads


Galaxy buds have been my go-to choice to use with my Samsung phones for quite a while now. Regardless of the initial volume issues, connectivity issues software updates have really made it worthwhile to stick to my first Gen Galaxy buds I’ve had for a while. Recently I’ve moved on to an iPhone as my …

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How To Reset Galaxy Buds Or Restart Them


Galaxy Buds when they were first released, had so many bugs. I still use the first generation Samsung Galaxy Earbuds and waiting for the Galaxy buds pro to be delivered. This article guides you on how to reset Galaxy buds or restart them if necessary. Galaxy Buds can be easily reset from the Wearable App, …

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10 Best Way to Boost Your WiFi Speed


Everyone gets frustrated when they have to wait a couple of minutes to browse anything because of their slow internet speed. This article helps you to increase WiFi speed without paying extra. In the era of fast technology, slow Internet is of not much use. The Internet plays a significant role in our study, lifestyle, …

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How To Open RAR Files


RAR files are the formal and secure way of sending documents or files over the internet. Downloading RAR files are straightforward, but to access those file, you need different software to open those files. If you want to learn about RAR files and how to open RAR files on different devices, then make sure to …

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Finding Out MAC Address Of A Docking Station


Docking stations are great, they provide so much support especially for someone that wants to expand their working capabilities. You just connect your laptop to the docking station and it powers your bigger setup and allows you to be more productive. I use SCCM at work to image new computers and deploy them to network. …

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How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop On Windows/MAC


Samsung Galaxy buds are not the best wireless earbuds out there. For sure this has improved with the upgrade Buds plus, but I personally do not have a good experience with them. I do frequently use it with my PC too. So, if you’re wondering how to pair galaxy buds to a laptop/desktop, the answer …

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How To Download Instagram Photos On Desktop PC

Facebook allows its users to download the photos from Facebook. It even provides them a pre-built option to download photos uploaded by them or someone else. Instagram on the other hand, has no easy way to download photos from Instagram,  until now. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how I download photos from Instagram on …

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