How To Unsend iMessages In iOS 16 After Its Delivered?


iMessages are one of the main reasons that have got people hooked onto their iPhones and the whole Apple ecosystem. I am not going to lie, I was a skeptic until recently before getting an iPhone myself. One of the main highlights for me is the Facetime quality and iMessages. One feature that iMessage lacked …

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How To Block Emails In Outlook 365 Or Web App


If you are sick of receiving emails from a spam address or would like to block all the emails for a certain period of time, Outlook has lots of options for you. Spammers are getting very trick these days and sometimes the unsubscribe option does not really take you off that email marketing list. So, …

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How To Create An Email Group In Outlook 365, Online Web App


For anyone who uses Outlook for day-to-day communication, manages their calendar and to-do lists, creating an email group can save you a lot of time if you happen to email a set number of users most of the time. Outlook contacts can be added to custom groups, or you can create groups without making them …

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How To Create A Signature In Outlook 365 or Outlook Web App


Outlook users can create a signature for themselves and change it as they prefer. Unless your organization uses a server-side signature application process. In that case, you will need to check with your IT team first before duplicating and possibly creating discrepancies. This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a signature in outlook …

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How To Send Encrypted Email in Gmail


Gmail is part of Google’s workspace which was formerly known as G Suite. It’s Microsoft’s Office 365, Google workspace is Google’s take at providing a wide range of applications that meets most of the corporate’s needs. Did you know you can use Gmail encryption to send encrypted email in Gmail? This is a step-by-step guide …

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How To Count Character In Word Quickly


Microsoft word is the application I have used for a very long time to write content for Windowslovers. I’ve tried other applications too but I find myself coming back to using Word over other word processing applications. I always keep track of how many words or characters I’ve written for a specific post. If you …

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Is Chromebook Linux, Android, or Windows? Chrome OS Explained


Chromebooks are my favorite portable computing devices I’ve come across after Microsoft Surfaces. If you’ve never used one before or are planning to get one, this article should help you make that decision. The first question majority of users have when using the Chromebook for the first time is, is Chromebook Linux, Android, or Windows? …

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Chromebook Powerwash – How To Factory Reset Chromebook


Chromebooks are not complete standalone devices as compared to a Windows or macOS laptop. They are basically a terminal for you to access all your Google services and products and anything you might have saved on your Google account. Yes, there are options for offline data saving and usage, but your Chromebook is useless without …

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