Windows 8 Themes : Best Themes For Windows 8 Of All Time

Windows 8 can be customized in several ways, windows 8 themes being a part of it. A new splash of color and icons on your screen could wipe away the feeling of tiredness and ignite a flare of confidence and enthusiasm to continue with your computer works more efficiently. The most crucial part is to choose the best windows 8 themes from a pool of haphazardly spread-out themes from different authors and some hardworking designers that put in a lot of work to design their masterpieces.

There are two ways one can install a theme on their windows 8 PC, either patch windows files with a patch and install a highly customized third-party theme for your machine or satisfy yourself with the same old theme that just changes the background and the color scheme.

If you are still using Windows 8, you can upgrade windows 8 to Windows 10 without losing data and you should since Windows 8 is a very old operating system.

Do not worry we’ve compiled this list with both types of windows 8 theme, download and installed the theme that best suits you. 

Windows 8 Themes Installation

As we mentioned earlier, you can either patch the windows files for highly customized third part themes with custom icons and all, or download a simple theme that changes the background image and the color scheme. The choice is yours!!

Custom Third Party windows 8 themes installation

You might take this as a geek’s task to patch windows 8 files and might screw up your windows installation. But there’s no need to panic, it’s a simple 2 3 steps process and you are all set to refresh your PC’s look with new themes. 

All you need now is a patch/installer that patches the three windows files: themeui.dll, Uxlnit.dll, and uxtheme.dll. After which, you will be allowed to install third-party windows 8 themes. 

Among the different patches available the best and easy to use is the UltraUXThemePatcher, not because it’s free but also because it’s easy to use and does not screw up your windows 8 installation.

If you have other computers with Windows 10, you can upgrade to Windows 11 without losing data.

Get UltraUXThemePatcher and install it like any other application. After the installation has been completed, restart your PC and continue.

Now download any theme that you might want to get from the list below or from anywhere else and copy the whole folder to


Note: Some of these themes might require further customization or tweaks, please refer to their installation notes located inside the downloaded themes folder.

Following are some of the selected and best windows 8 themes and visual styles that provide high customization including icons, and logos, and splash your desktop with new color and a new feel that you are going to love. These themes have been collected from various locations and authors, we hereby give full credit to the developers/designers of the themes that have been mentioned below.  


Most of the other themes previously mentioned have all been taken down. You can still find some decent themes including the old ones are on DeviantArt.

Check out Windows 8 Themes on Devinart.

So, these were third-party themes that require you to patch the windows files before full customization works.

Now for those less geeky,  we’ve compiled another list of normal windows 8 themes that just changes the background image and a color scheme that matched the background. These windows 8 themes are also free to download, so have fun!! 

So, these were some of the windows 8 themes that we loved the most, and hope you also find themes for windows 8 great to use it on your PC as well. We know we’ve missed lots of other better themes, so we request our readers to let other users find other themes except these and get the right theme that you wish to own.

Till then, keep visiting and keep sharing. FEEDBACK APPRECIATED !! 

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