Hide Your Facebook Friends List And Friendship Activity

Facebook is changing its game every day. It’s hard to keep up with all the new privacy rules and features that Facebook brings along. Back in the days, the users had much more control over their account. The user’s control over Facebook account’s aspect was much enriched with timely updates.

Here we are, 13 years later struggling to understand how Facebook’s privacy control settings work. If used correctly, Facebook has quite higher standards when it comes to user’s privacy (That’s what we think). We are going to discuss one of those features in this tutorial.

Depending on your settings, Facebook shares your friends list with all other users(Friends/Strangers). Have your friends been commenting on your friendship activity or your Facebook friends see who you became friends with lately. If that’s not an issue, it should be fine. But, if you are one of those users who would like to keep their Facebook friendship activity to themselves or keep Facebook friends list private, just keep reading this tutorial. If you wanna learn how to open facebook desktop site on mobile phone, read this. 

Why To Hide Your Facebook Friendship Activity?

Well, there can be numerous reasons behind why someone would want to hide their friendship activity or hide their Facebook friend list. One being not letting anyone know about who you became friends with. It might keep you out of trouble sometimes (Just saying).

How To Hide Facebook Friends List and keep Friendship Activity Secret?

Let me get into the steps involved straight.

A . Log on to Facebook with your account credentials and go to your profile. Now click on friends.

Opening Friends List

B . Scroll down and find the small pencil icon. Click on that and click on “Edit Privacy”.

C . You should see three different options.

D . Under “Friend List” , “Who can see your friend list?” , if its public or friends, they will be able to see your friends list and friendship activity.

E . Change that option to “Only Me”.

Making Friends List Private

F . This will make your Facebook Friends List private and hide your Facebook Friendship activity.

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That’s it folks, your Facebook friend list will now be private and also next time you become friends with anyone on Facebook, your Facebook friendship activity will be private.

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