[Fix] iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Is your iPhone touch screen not working on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus? Instead of calling the apple care center and getting an appointment arranged, we’ve compiled a list of things that you can do on your own to fix your not working iphone touch screen. Before you get on with …

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This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine


Do you still use windows 7 or windows XP and are getting this copy of windows is not genuine error? If you are using a pirated or free version of windows, I recommend you to go and get a genuine copy of windows from Microsoft. You can also use Linux, UNIX or other free open source operating …

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Why I Cannot Boot From An USB Drive

Have you been trying to install new windows from a USB on your laptop or PC but your system cannot boot from USB? Well this article aims at providing you with insights on this much asked question these days with advanced firmware and booting methods. I recently tried to boot Backtrack OS, Linux operating system …

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Dns_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Solutions


We have discussed a couple of Internet connection issues before, but this article’s sole purpose is to try and fix the DNS probe finished no internet issue on Google Chrome. The solutions mentioned in this article should work for all browsers, so if you are looking to solve this issue on any other browsers, please …

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DNS Server Isn’t Responding: Solutions


Whenever you see an error message “DNS Server is not responding” message when you try to browse a webpage, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are no specific solutions to DNS Server not responding, but if you try to do a bit of initial troubleshooting to understand if it’s device-specific or the network …

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Err_connection_refused is another annoying error message most users might have been seeing on google chrome, Mozilla firefox or all the browsers. This kind of error can also be related to Dns Server Not Responding , or other bunch of different kinds of errors. Well, its hard to say what might be the reason beside you getting …

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The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc00007b {FIXED}


Error Code 0xc00007b, the application was unable to start correctly, is one of those really annoying errors that nearly all of the windows users have come across at least once in their lifespan of being a windows user. Why this error is particularly annoying because, this does not quite explain as much about the issue …

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Were you not able to browse your favorite website and all you get is an error message that reads as DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, DNS Probe Finished No Internet or DNS lookup failed? It’s frustrating, and in some cases, you might be able to access and browse some specific web addresses and not other sites. There might be …

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USB Device Not Recognized Windows 7/8/XP Solutions

USB device not recognized issues are some of the major issues with mainly windows PC users. Though this might be caused because of different reasons that we’ve found and have definite solutions, but sometimes most solutions that have been verified by most of the users all around the world might not just work for you. So, …

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Fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed On Windows 10


Windows 10 users run into lots of issues every now and then, most of them tend to occur after a Windows update that Microsoft does almost every day. No, I am not saying that Windows updates are bad, but Windows systems do face unusual system issues frequently as compared to macOS users. One of the …

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