Solve Google Home Not Connecting To Wifi Issues


Google home not connecting to WiFi is an issue every Google Homeowner will face once in a while. Yes, it’s very frustrating when this happens. In this article, I’ve gone through some of the troubleshooting tips and tricks aiming to solve the “could not communicate with your google home mini or Nest”. I assume you …

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Solve Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10


The kernel security check failure is one of the most widely faced problems by a Windows user after a blue screen of death error. Having such an error in Windows is quite frustrating. When you find a BSOD error while booting Windows 10, you can see a blue screen with a unique stop code. The …

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Printer Not Responding Issues In Windows 10 [SOLVED]


Sometimes because of incorrect settings, unresponsive services, or hardware failure, you might encounter a “printer not responding” problem in your Windows 10 and “printer not printing” issues. This is a basic problem that users encounter regularly. Often quickly restarting the printer eliminates the problem. At other times, the printer drivers must be reinstalled entirely. Depending …

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Realtek Audio Not Working On Windows 10: Fix


Nowadays most of Windows laptop comes with Realtek audio driver for the better sound quality. Unfortunately, there are over a hundred factors that can cause the audio drivers to fail. Most of the “Realtek audio driver not working” error occurs after the Windows upgrade. Many OEM device brands use Realtek as their audio solution. Realtek …

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Solve Touchpad Not working Problem in Windows 10

touchpad not working in windows 10

Are you facing a touchpad not working problem in your Windows 10 laptop?  The laptop touchpad does the same work as the mouse on the desktop PC. You can end up stuck if your Touchpad does not work when you’re on the move or in some situation where you don’t have a convenient external mouse. …

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How to Fix Windows Update Error in Windows 10?

fix windows update error

Are you looking for a working solution to fix the Windows update error in Windows 10? If so, then don’t worry as we have the solution to your problem. Many users are using Windows 10. In daily use, we never know which error we might face in our PC. Microsoft is trying hard to make …

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Solve Windows Black Screen Error

windows black screen error

Sometimes we are stuck with some unusual Windows problems that we don’t know how to get throughout it. It gets even more complicated when your problem arrives in the form of a windows black screen error where you can’t see anything but just a rotating circle. In some cases, you won’t even see that circle …

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Computer Virus: How To Detect and Remove Them


Computer viruses are responsible for making your computer slow and damaging your essential documents and programs. If you don’t want to afford data loss and system damage, you should make your PC virus-free. If you don’t have any proper way of making your PC virus-free, this article is for you. In this article, we have …

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Wireless Module Not Supported[FIX]


Last week after a bios update I faced an issue with an HP Spectre X2 G3 tablets. Upon restarting the system after a BIOS update, it gave me a “Wireless Module not supported” message. The full error message read something like: Wireless Module not supportedThe system has detected a wireless module installed in the system …

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Fix Didn’t Detect Another Display Error On Windows 10


I have run into issues before where windows 10 does not detect my second monitor. After reading lots of tutorials online, most of them guided me to click on the “Detect” button, and that should solve the second monitor not detected issue. But, it just kept on giving me Didn’t detect another display message constantly. …

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Why I Cannot Boot From An USB Drive

Have you been trying to install new windows from a USB on your laptop or PC but your system cannot boot from USB? Well this article aims at providing you with insights on this much asked question these days with advanced firmware and booting methods. I recently tried to boot Backtrack OS, Linux operating system …

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We have discussed a couple of Internet connection issues before, but this article’s sole purpose is to try and fix the DNS probe finished no internet issue on Google Chrome. The solutions mentioned in this article should work for all browsers, so if you are looking to solve this issue on any other browsers, please …

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DNS Server Not Responding Error Update [15 TESTED FIXES]


Whenever you see an error message “DNS Server is not responding” message when you try to browse a webpage, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are no specific solutions to DNS Server not responding, but if you try to do a bit of initial troubleshooting to understand if it’s device-specific or the network …

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Err_connection_refused is another annoying error message most users might have been seeing on google chrome, Mozilla firefox or all the browsers. This kind of error can also be related to Dns Server Not Responding , or other bunch of different kinds of errors. Well, its hard to say what might be the reason beside you getting …

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