How To Fix Spectrum Router Red Light Blinking Issues

The Spectrum Router’s red light blinking simply means the router or modem is unable to establish a successful connection to the internet. To further investigate, you should pay attention to the frequency of the red blink and the pattern it blinks on if there is any.

In this guide, I’ll explain every procedure you can follow to troubleshoot this and hopefully solve the spectrum router red light blinking issue.

The first thing to look into is how you are connected to the internet. Do you have a single device that is wirelessly connected to Spectrum? Do you have a separate modem and a router, or do you have a router/modem combo?

I preface this before delving into the troubleshooting process because I am connected to Aussie broadband’s NBN service in Australia, which has a separate modem and a router. In case you have a multiple device setup, you will be wasting time trying to fix something that might not be the issue in the first place, right?

For someone wondering what the difference is, you can get some insights from Newyork Times article on the topic.

1. Spectrum Router Red Light Blinking – Meanings

If you are not aware, the majority of hardware manufacturers program the lights on their devices to indicate certain scenarios.

Most of the Routers, Modems, Wifi Repeaters, WiFi access points, etc, always have a hidden message behind the type of the blinking light and sometimes the pattern these lights blink in.

If your Spectrum Router, Spectrum WiFi access point, Spectrum Modem, etc has a red blinking light, it does indicate something. I suggest that’s where you should start, by identifying what kind of red light the router/modem/WiFi access point is projecting.

Again, depending upon the type of Spectrum device you have and the model of that particular build, the indication message might differ.

I’ve mentioned some of the Spectrum devices with the message the red blinking light is trying to convey to the system admins.

If your device is a bit different, I would suggest you do a quick google search with your device model no/make after learning the way the red light is blinking on your device.

1.1 Spectrum ONU (SONU) Modem – Red Light Indicators

Front Panel
Color Description

Status Light
• Powering Up: Flashing between On Blue and Off
• Finding Connection (PON Signal): Pulsing between On Blue and Off
• Normal Operation: On Blue
• PON not operational: Pulsing On Red and Off
• PON Loss of Signal: Pulsing between On Red and On White
Taken From The Official Manual From Spectrum

1.2 Spectrum Wave 2 – Wifi 5 Router

Taken From The Official Manual From Spectrum
  • Fast flashing blue indicates booting up.
  • Pulsing blue (blue on/off) indicates connecting to the internet.
  • Solid blue indicates connected to the internet.
  • Flashing red (red on/off) indicates connectivity issues.
  • Alternating red and blue indicates that the device should not be
  • A Solid red indicates a critical issue.

You get the point, right? If it’s a solid red, it can be an indication of a critical hardware error or a much wider issue.

On the other hand, a blinking red light usually indicates internet connectivity issues or a constantly dropping internet connection.

Moving on to some basic troubleshooting procedures that I personally follow to navigate through similar internet connection issues.

2. Solutions To Spectrum Router Flashing Red

The first thing to understand is, that all hardware devices do have a certain lifespan. Sometimes due to over usage, temperature conditions, or just for no reason, they start playing up.

Once you work on an IT helpdesk for some time you come to realize that the majority of the job you do is restarting or rebooting devices. The success rate of restarting or rebooting glitchy hardware devices and getting them to work normally is quite astonishingly high, lol.

2.1 Check if Spectrum has an Outage

If you are using Spectrum as your service provider and the red LED suggests that you are facing a critical error, the first thing you should do I check if your area has any service outage.

Go to Spectrum’s “Outage Information and Troubleshooting” page and click on “Check Outages” and follow along to find out if there is one in your particular area or specifically you.


Two things to check after you’ve confirmed there are no outages is to check for any physical change or damage.

By physical change I mean :

  • Is there any physical damage or change?
  • Did you move the router/modem’s location and you are facing difficulties after the move?
  • If it’s a wireless connection, maybe you moved it to a location out of reach from the ISP?
  • Is there any power supply/voltage issue?
  • Are the power cables and internet cables properly connected and pushed in properly?

And by physical damage, I mean:

  • Are you using any old data cables or cables that have a lot of bends/twists?
  • The power adapters powering your router/modem are in good condition?

The first rule of thumb is to go back to the time when you are sure that the spectrum router was not blinking red and start from there.

This allows you to backtrack your steps and see if anything that you did on the hardware or the software side might be the culprit for this constant blinking red light error.

If you can remember any changes or alterations you made to the device, try to undo them and see if the Red light turns blue/green/white depending upon the type of device that you have.

2.3 Reboot Spectrum Router/Modem/WiFi Correctly

I know there is no correct way to restart a device. A simple power “ON” and “OFF” does the job, right?

Well, yes and no!


I encourage our readers to restart their router or internet access points at least once every month.

A hardware device when in use 24/7 for a long period of time, might run into discrepancies over time. One of the main reasons simply is the overheating of its internal components.

So, when I say rebooting your Spectrum router the correct way, I mean disconnecting all the components for at least 5-1- minutes and then starting those devices one at a time (If you have a separate modem, router, WiFi access points, etc).

Properly rebooting your networking hardware usually does solve Spectrum router red light blinking issues in most cases as it does for other routers/modems facing internet connection issues.

2.4 Hard Reset (Advanced Users)

Please do not perform a hard reset on your router as this might put you in a much more difficult position than what you already are on.

After a hard reset, the device rolls back to its initial state before it was configured at all in most cases. So, if you do not know how to do this by yourself, please seek technical help before you proceed with a hard reset.


If you have the information needed on hand to reconfigure the router after you fully reset it, you can reset it by following the steps below:

  • Get a needle, a pin, or a sim ejector tool
  • Look at the back/under/rear/side of the router and find a reset button. It’s usually a tiny hole where only a thin pointy object can enter.
  • Using any of the aforementioned tools, press the reset button and hold it for at least 15-20 seconds before releasing it.
  • Let it do its thing and after it reboots, reconfigure your router again.

If all goes well, the Spectrum Router’s Red light should stop blinking and your internet connection should be restored back to normal.

3. The Router Still Has Constant Red Light Blinking?

Contrary to what other blogs might mention, if these basic troubleshooting procedures do not end up being much of a help, contact your ISP or Spectrum straightaway.

For sure, you can try a plethora of other troubleshooting methods. Instead, the time you spend doing those would be much better served to try to get in touch with proper and hopefully useful tech support from either Spectrum or your ISP.

Prajwal is a senior editor @Windowslovers. A Tech enthusiast who loves to read and write articles that aid users in getting the most out of their gadgets and tech it easy.

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