Easy Way To Edit PDF in Google Docs and Google Drive


You might have heard the name of Google docs and Google drive. Over the last couple of decades, Google Docs has been one of the most popular cloud-based document editors. Nowadays, most documents or agreements come in PDF form, and do you know that you can use Google docs to edit any PDF documents wherever …

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How To Insert a Google Form Poll into an Email?


Conducting surveys and receiving feedback from various users is very helpful when it comes to making necessary decisions for your business. If you insert a Google form poll into an email address, it will be a lot easier and convenient to get fast responses from various people. If your business is about marketing or endorsing …

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Top 5 Common Office 365 Problems and Their Solutions


Office 365 has established a strong presence in the industry as a communication and efficiency tool because of its outstanding features and functionality. Encountering errors while using any application or software is not a new thing. On a daily basis, you may undergo office 365 problems that can be solved if we approach them correctly. …

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How To Clear Cache In Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


Browsers have a cache of their own like your computer system has one. Their purpose is the same, to cache reusable files and settings to make sure the tasks are performed at a greater speed. Sometimes, these files can create redundancy issues with the files that were updated and needs to be replaced. This is …

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How to Use Google Sheet and Share with Multiple Users


Google Sheets is online spreadsheet software that helps you create spreadsheets and format them and collaborate with other individuals. It is a free, web-based program for Google’s spreadsheets as part of the Google Drive service. Google Sheet is also available on ChromeOS as a desktop application and Android, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry as a smartphone …

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How to Get Started With Jira For Project Management?


It’s hard when it comes to managing a team and the project. If you don’t know the proper technique of managing a project, it can be very confusing. So, to handle such projects, we need a helpful tool to keep track of everything, and for that, there are many tools available.  According to the complexity …

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Access Control On Google Meet Using Chrome’s Remote Desktop


Many users use google meet to conduct meetings and run online classes. In any online session, remote access over another computer or device is helpful and necessary. It is very helpful to provide or obtain technical assistance. This is a Google meet remote control guide for any operating system. Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature …

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How to Create an Office 365 Email Account and Business Account?


You might be familiar with the word Office 365. If you are looking for a guide to create Office 365 email account and business account, then you are at the right place. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based management suite that will help you fulfill your passion while still running your business. With office 365, you …

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