Recreate Your Outlook Profile The Correct Way


Outlook is one of the most widely used Office 365 applications. The main reason is very obvious, emails are the backbone for converstaions in an organisation or most of our daily lifes. In this article I’ll guide you on how to recreate outlook profile in windows 10. Outlook does have a learning curve, and especially …

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Office Apps Word/Excel Keeps On Crashing


So I ran into this weird problem recently where after downgrading the version of office to 1810 from 2001 for the users, if the user tries to open a file on a shared drive it would crash and close automatically. If the exact same file is copied to a local drive, the file can be …

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Outlook Working Offline [SOLVED] Turn Off Outlook Offline Mode


If your outlook is stuck in offline mode, I am assuming that you are using a desktop version outlook application on Windows or Mac. This article aims at solving Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 working offline issues. Outlook application can be a bit too overwhelming if you are coming from the web-based Outlook interface. The outlook …

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How To Change Outlook Font Size For Emails

Outlook is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 application package. It’s used in most of the big organizations that use Microsoft as their SAAS provider. One of the reasons I really like is the ability to recall an email in outlook. For anyone not familiar with the application and is used to online mail clients like …

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Best Chrome://Flags Settings Of 2022 Explained In Detail


Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers for any platform out there. Chrome Flags are one of the advanced features that only a few power users might be aware of. In this article, we will see what are these feature Flags, how to enable them from Chrome //flags menu? And learn more about these flags …

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10 Best Free Games For Kids / Toddlers iPad,iPhone,Android

Babies and Toddlers always attract towards the screen, especially mobiles. They like to watch and play on mobiles. It is a good idea to install interactive games on your smartphone which not just entertain the toddler but also help them to learn new skills. There are plenty of games available for toddlers on both Android …

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