How To Type An EM Dash In Windows And Mac Applications


While creating content online or preparing your next paper, proper use of punctuation makes a huge difference. Inserting an em dash adds more emphasis on the word and can provide more clarity to the current sentence. They are the long dash and there is no dedicated key on your keyboard to insert this in your …

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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story, DM, Post?


Instagram has gained new heights after being acquired by Facebook, no doubt about that. Instagram has gone through lots of major changes when it comes to features and settings available to its users. When Instagram first brought out the “Stories” feature over from Snapchat, it also tried to release a screenshot notification feature to its …

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How To Sync Outlook Contacts With iPhone Contacts App


If you use Microsoft 365 across different devices for work or personal use, you can access and manage your contacts, calendar, and emails using any of these devices. Office 365 can be customized according to an organization’s needs as well but that can break the sync and other features of Outlook and office apps on …

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How To Change Default Font In Outlook Desktop App and Web


Outlook is hand down one of the best email platforms out there along with Gmail and other competitors. It is my default mail application for mails on my Windows 10 machine. Outlook provides a lot of features like recalling an email, changing font sizes, and autocomplete email lists. If you are bored of using default …

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How To Delete An Email Address From Outlook and Outlook Contacts


Outlook is one of the predominant mail service providers along with Gmail and other services. Its widely used in corporate environments because of its capability to centrally control and manage its usage and capabilities. Among these features is a feature to remember an email address in its cache memory. This is a step-by-step- guide on …

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How To Remove A Section Break In Word


Sections breaks are great when you want more customization options for a particular part of your word document. Unless you have specific options enabled, you won’t be able to see the section breaks in Word, so how to remove a section break in Word? This article guides you on exactly how to do this step-by-step. …

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How To Make Chrome Default Browser On Windows

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers these days. The backend is so robust that the new Microsoft Edge is using chromium in its core. Google Chrome is one of the top players when it comes to the “Google Ecosystem”. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make chrome default browser on …

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How To Turn Off Google Assistant Completely On Android


Google assistant is very helpful in most cases but if you are someone who is concerned with your privacy you can turn off google assistant completely on your phone. You can easily disable google assistant by getting into your android phone settings. But if I was you, I would completely turn off any triggers or …

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How To Add a Watermark To a PDF?


The importance of paperwork has increased a lot in every stage of our life. Whether it’s business life or school life, we have to make documents in every field. Documents have become so much important that we need to add some security measures to keep them safe from dishonest people. So, if you know how …

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Google Meet Grid View Fix: What Is The Solution?


In today’s world, Google meet is one of the popular video conferencing app mainly used to conduct online meetings and classes. To enable the grid view in Meet, Google has provided us an extension, but nowadays, many users complain that they cannot access it anymore. There are other ways for the Google meet grid view …

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How To Recall An Email In Outlook 365 & 2019


My default mail application has been outlook for quite some time now. Have you sent an email accidentally and don’t know how to recall an email in Outlook? You dont want to be in a situtation where you sent a wrong or embarassing email to the wrong person. So how to recall and email in …

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Easy Way To Edit PDF in Google Docs and Google Drive


You might have heard the name of Google docs and Google drive. Over the last couple of decades, Google Docs has been one of the most popular cloud-based document editors. Nowadays, most documents or agreements come in PDF form, and do you know that you can use Google docs to edit any PDF documents wherever …

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How To Insert a Google Form Poll into an Email?


Conducting surveys and receiving feedback from various users is very helpful when it comes to making necessary decisions for your business. If you insert a Google form poll into an email address, it will be a lot easier and convenient to get fast responses from various people. If your business is about marketing or endorsing …

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