iPhone 7, another disappointment from Apple ?

iPhone 7 is set to release in September this year, but like any other year all the rumors and leaks have already been out there. Unlike last year, this year lots of authorities have been able to even create mock ups of the upcoming flagship from Apple. If you have not seen one yet, you can see them in this video from 9to5mac.com.

Apple has always been a company that has been more focused on the software part of a phone rather than obsessing too much on the hardware. If knows its game when it comes to getting the most of the hardware and providing its users with the most convenient way to get their daily tasks done with the help of the phone. Keeping that in mind, every year we never see any major changes interns of hardware, but do see lots of improvements and features on the software side.

Every year, the phones get a new processor, a larger battery, a better screen in terms of hardware upgrades. For this year iPhone 7, there has been quite a few features that have been in the talk very often.

Some Upgrades In iPhone 7

  • No headphone Jack.
  • Redesigned antenna bands
  • Larger / Dual lens cameras.
  • Pressure sensitive home button.
  • Upgraded processor.

After Steve Jobs passed away, apple has definitely lost the magic when it came to innovation and touching its customers life with its products. Don’t get me wrong but all the products that come out every year are just a minor refresh with a BIG price tag thrown at it. No offense, the devices are high end and have to be if they come at a premium price tag. But it almost feels like a drag, and just a company trying too much to get it out there.

The biggest disappointment for me personally was the “no headphone jack” on iPhone 7. Even though we are moving towards a wireless era, having a headphone jack always comes in handy. Even though you can use a jack converter to hook up your favorite headphone to iPhone 7, but that just seems too much of work to just listen to audio from the phone.

Everything else looks alright , we still have to see what Apple really has up its sleeve, when it announces the phone in September.

Prajwal is a senior editor @Windowslovers. A Tech enthusiast who loves to read and write articles that aid users in getting the most out of their gadgets and tech it easy.

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