Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s next flagship phone is finally here. Samsung galaxy S6 was revealed or announced by Samsung March 1st,2015 and is expected to be available for orders starting April 10. 

There’s lot to talk about when it comes to Samsung Galaxy s6. Samsung has finally decide to value all the feedbacks that is has been receiving about the lack in premium build quality and feel. Samsung Galaxy S6 rocks an aluminium alloy frame with Gorilla glass 4 on the back and as well at the front. The phone look great but might be a little bit slippery and have some gripping issues. But, we like the fact that Samsung is finally getting into build High quality build phones that look and feel great.


Down the line Samsung galaxy s6 might not be your dream phone, though we doubt that still lets look into some of the features that might turn you down and make you think before you go and buy it.


Why you should not buy Samsung Galaxy S6

Design :

There is absolutely nothing wrong with its design. It rocks a Aluminium alloy chasis with Gorilla Glass 4 on front and the back. The phone does look and feel premium, but you cannot shake the fact that it will be a tough task to keep the glasses clean from the finger prints.
Another thing most of us might argue is Isn’t the gorilla glass 4 unbreakable and scratch proof?? Well, yes its believed to be and actually does great job protecting your smartphone. But, its glass so you have to be careful while handling the device and might have to get a back cover, which basically kills the sole design and the feel of the design.

No Removable Back :

Samsung Galaxy S6 doesnot have a removable back, some of might not be happy about that. Because some of us like to have to phone that can handle some more storage for our stuffs. But with samsung galaxy s6, all the storage capacity is the one that its shipped with. 
Another is non removable battery, you cannot by any chance remove or replace the battery by yourself unless you have some technical knowledge about how its done. So you are stuck with 2550 mAh battery, which still is a beast. 

Android 5.0 Lovers:

Ok, so this phone does runs Android 5.0 Lollipop but it has been just built on Android 5.0 with obviously samsung’s touch wiz on top. There are not much fan of the Touchwiz and I don’t know why samsung keeps on using it on all of its phone.
Well, with Samsung Galaxy s6 you get the same samsung’s touhwiz with some tweaks and updates.
But, if you are looking for a genuine android 5.0 lollipop’s feel, this might not be the phone you should be going for.
So,  these are the only reasons that  I find might turn down your decision of not buying Samsung galaxy S6, otherwise the phone looks and works great. It might not be the prettiest phone samsung has ever made, but the best in terms of build quality and the way it feels. 
What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S6? Leave your Feedback Below. 

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