Why Apple Macbook 2015 Is Not For Everyone

Apple yesterday unveiled two of its most anticipated and in hype products the Apple iwatch and the “Macbook”. And there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the macbook itself. 

Apple is believed to develop products keeping liberal arts and the inspiration technology in ones life and bringing them together. This results in products that might be a little be over the general price line, but these devices live up to the expectations of most of the users that use technology to get their day to day tasks accomplished. 
But, since Steve Jobs passed away we have not seen the drastic changes or the fascinating aspects of apple. Apple has been just continuing what Steve jobs taught them. Make the products slimmer, thinner and just “look beautiful”. At least that s what we got from the Apple Macbook 2015 model.



Apple’s Macbook is insanely thin, ridiculously light and looks beautiful. But, that’s it nothing much comes to when we talk about the best features or aspects of the Laptop. Though apple’s premium build quality and feel is obviously there but still we were expecting something out of the competition from apple. 
The 12-inch Retina Display is insanely beautiful and the laptop is insanely light. This is nodoubt one of the most beautiful product Apple has ever created, but when it comes to power(Not Really). 

So , why Apple Macbook 2015 is not for Everyone

1. Macbook 2015 is not a beast: So, it pretty much obvious that with such thin and compact design apple had to sacrifice something. Yes, this device performs pretty well for a normal user.And by normal user I intend to include the users that mostly use their Macbook to take notes, listen to music, internet and bunch of other normal tasks that do not require heaps of Processing power. 
But if you need a laptop that fulfills all the above needs and also packs extra power and storage than Macbook 2015 will definitely not live up to the expectation.
And it is completely fine, we are not complaining that the laptop is not powerful at all. Because this laptop was definitely not designed with and intention to pack a hardcore configurations. It was designed for the ones who are mostly out enjoying life and taking their laptop with them.
2. Lack Of Ports: It is also an undenying fact that Apple had to give up with the normal usb and other slots to  acquire that thinness, but this one really does not look like the user’s are gonna have a good time. There is a USB-C port and a headphone port, that’s all. And if you are one of those that always like to keep your device plugged in, you might have to spend some more that will allow you to use other removable devices and charge the device at the same time.
But, on the other hand, this device is solely built for the online users. Users who are mostly connected to the cloud and use it most of the time. Like CD and DVDs are still there but how frequently do you use these devices?? And do you use it for storing some of your delicate information?? Most probably no, but USB are still  a thing. 
So, for the 12-inch model that s not too much powerful, $1799 price tag for the baseline that rocks a 1.7 GHz processor  is not really reasonable I guess.
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