USB-C Vs Micro USB: We Have A Clear Winner


Most of the smartphones are making an abrupt change from the omnipresent micro USB to the much newer and better USB-C, also known as Type-C USB. To put it in some other way, Type B micro USB is the one you must have used years ago and if you’re not paying any attention while plugging …

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PayPal Scams You Should Be Aware Of Online


Scammers have been preying on the customers for ages.  PayPal is best known for its security and is best suited for E-Commerce businesses. PayPal scams can be in the form of some ruse websites, online phishing or spoofing, and malicious links. These paypal scams are configured in a way to steal user data including login …

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Aussie Broadband NBN: 6 Months Later


NBN is finally installed in my facility after months and months of wait. If you do not live in Australia this post might not be relevant for you. But, if you are from Australia, NBN is supposed to be “the” next big thing for Australia with regards to the internet service upgrade. In this post, …

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Is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Coming Back[Refurbished]


Samsung faced one of the worst nightmares last year. Samsung galaxy note 7’s defective battery caused the device to catch fire and in some cases even explode. Samsung had to recall all the Note 7 devices in the end and later provide compensation to its users. It costed Samsung a fortune. Latest rumor from hankyung …

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How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use


Online music streaming is one of the biggest ways of consuming music these days. Obviously besides YouTube, iTunes or any other service that you are subscribed to. So how much data does streaming music use?? If you are streaming music over your Wi-Fi, this might not be a big issue. If you are using your …

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iPhone 7, another disappointment from Apple ?

iPhone 7 is set to release in September this year, but like any other year all the rumors and leaks have already been out there. Unlike last year, this year lots of authorities have been able to even create mock ups of the upcoming flagship from Apple. If you have not seen one yet, you …

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Will Formatting Remove Viruses From Your Computer/Drive


Viruses are just a type of software or an application developed for the destruction of the data on a system or cause harm to the user or the system that it is attached to. There are thousands and thousands of viruses around the internet and offline, but most of the severe ones are transferred via …

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Net Neutrality , Explained In Simple Terms

What is Net Neutrality? What is net neutrality? Have you been coming across this term a lot these days, and most of your friends have been posting pictures about saving the internet and net neutrality? Do you have an idea what net neutrality actually means, and should you care about saving the internet? We are …

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Why Apple Macbook 2015 Is Not For Everyone

Apple yesterday unveiled two of its most anticipated and in hype products the Apple iwatch and the “Macbook”. And there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the macbook itself.    Apple is believed to develop products keeping liberal arts and the inspiration technology in ones life and bringing them together. This results in products …

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