What Is SkyDrive (OneDrive) ??

Every heard about cloud storage? If not let us back you up a little on this. Storing any files or documents from a device (PC, Phone, Tablet) on an online drive or space and is accessible from any internet enabled device is called cloud storage. In simpler ways, cloud storage refers to an online hard drive and can be interacted for storage or downloading the stored data via internet connection.
What is skydrive you ask? Well, skydrive is a cloudstorage service for online storage. Lets get to know about Skydrive or One Drive a little better and discuss its usefulness and capabilities as well.


Skydrive is now Onedrive, due to the recent disputes over trademark Microsoft renamed the service’s name and is now called Onedrive. Onedrive does not only comes along a new name but bunch of other newly added features that makes the online storage system from Microsoft even more lucrative.

What Is SkyDrive / OneDrive ?

Skydrive is an online storage system provided by microsoft for free. Anyone can signup for its service and enjoy cloudstorage facilities. When a user registers on Skydrive / OneDrive he/she is provided with 7 GB of free storage and for each friend that the users refer will help them gain 500 MB additional SkyDrive storage.

How To Use Skydrive/Onedrive

To use skydrive, first you will need to create a Microsoft Live ID. If you already have an ID you can proceed further but if you do not get yourself a Microsoft ID at windows.live.com .

  • After creating a live ID and logging into your account, Bring up the drop down menu by pressing a small arrow beside Outlook button on upper top left side of your inbox screen.
  • Now right away you should see “Onedrive” options.
  • Clicking on it will take you to Onedrive’s dashboard where you can Upload new files, photos or access and download previously uploaded files and documents.

Use Skydrive / Onedrive From Your PC, Phone, Tablet

Accessing Skydrive from a desired device such as phone, tablet or your PC(Directly without browser) requires your to download an application. From the Skydrive’s dashboard scroll down a bit and on the bottom left, you should find “Get OneDrive apps”, clicking on the link will direct you to the download page. You should now be provided with different platforms and their respective SkyDrive applications. Choose your device and download the OneDrive app and install it.

(Configuring the app should be easy)

What Is Skydrive’s (OneDrive) best features?

Talking about SkyDrive’s best features, there are lots to talk about first and foremost is its free, fast and its wide range of compatibility make its totally accessible.

  • Its free, fast and trust worthy : There’s no argument over here, Microsoft’s trust and world class equipments backing up the system, data loss is not quite likey to happen.
  • Sync Photos Directly From Your Device: This is a new additional feature with the launch of OneDrive. User can now instantaneously sync photos to SkyDrive from their device if you enable the Sync feature. And if you enable the sync feature you do get an additional 3 GB storage free for your photos with the remaining 7 GB.
  • Real Time Collaborations: As you know, you can directly edit the documents with SkrDrive’s lite version of office. You were also able to edit the docs among different people at once. But there was some lag or no real time collaborations, now with OneDrive it serves Real Time collaborations so that document edits are transferred and edited as they happen for all the active users.
  • Better Video Sharing : Video sharing is really easy and can be shared with all the users with different internet speeds with proper customization of video quality that meets the network capabilities.

So, these were some of the best features of OneDrive that make it much better online storage service than others.
Whats your take on this? Do you use SkyDrive (OneDrive), what is skydrive for you?
Share your experiences with us!

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