How To Open RAR Files

RAR files are the formal and secure way of sending documents or files over the internet. Downloading RAR files are straightforward, but to access those file, you need different software to open those files. If you want to learn about RAR files and how to open RAR files on different devices, then make sure to read the complete article.

What are RAR Files?

The original name for the WinRAR archiver is RAR. RAR is a compressed file that contains one or several more other files and directories within it or a storage container. The high compression ratio is well known in the RAR format – superior compared to zip.

Differences between RAR and ZIP Files

Many people get confused between RAR and ZIP. They think that the RAR and ZIP files have different functionalities, but it’s not true. They both are used to compress your files. The only difference is that one is more advance, and one is not.

ZIP is the most commonly used file format for lossless storage of data that’s been around longer than RAR, which also accounts for a significant amount of internet archive archives. RAR however, has increased compression speed, better encryption, and a lower data loss rate.

Why we need RAR Files?

RAR files are used to merge multiple large files into a smaller file by compressing it. The RAR files are compressed so that it can be easy to upload or send the files over the internet. These files also take very little time to download, and all your important files remain safe inside.

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RAR files can also be secured with a password and encrypted, in addition to only saving transfer time, so that the contents within them remain secret until you know the password. So if you want to share any files over the internet, compressing all your files in RAR files is very useful.

How to open RAR Files in Different Devices

In Windows

You can extract RAR files in various ways, but you need to use some software to do that. Unlike ZIP files you cannot extract or compress RAR files using a inbuilt Windows tool. You need to download a small software to do that.

The best software to extract the RAR file is WinRAR. However, if you need to use the full features of this software then you need to spend some dollars on that but you can use the trial version of this software as well which is free. If you don’t want to use WinRAR then you can also use 7-Zip which is also a good choice.

Let’s see how we can get WinRAR free of cost in the following steps:

  • On the homepage of the site, you will see buy WinRAR archiver. Just skip that part and go to the download option which will be on your left-hand side menu.
  • There you will see the various option. Choose your windows compatibility and click the link. For example, I am using windows 10 (64 bit) so I will choose WinRARx64 (64 bit) 6.00 beta 2.
  • After that, open the downloaded file and follow the installation instruction.
  • Now you can extract any RAR files simply with a right-click and then clicking the extract button.

In macOS

For mac, there isn’t much choice that we get in windows. However, there is one software for mac that will help you to unzip or compress RAR files.

  • Go to
  • Download the software from that website.
  • After that run, the installation file and you will be ready to go.

In Android

Most of the android phones already have a built-in file explorer that will help open and extract RAR files. If you don’t have an application installed, you can download ES file explorer from the playstore and use it.

Problems we might face while opening RAR files

Our windows or mac might face some problem with the RAR software that will not allow us to extract our RAR files or damage the files inside the RAR. Let’s see what some problem causing factors:

  •  An improper download of RAR files or software may trigger different errors.
  • Corruption of RAR file header due to unexplained causes triggering extraction errors.
  • Downloading RAR files from an untrusted site may also damage your files.
  • Downloading RAR software from an unsecured network may pave a path for the virus to enter your system.
  • Sometimes the RAR software may stop working. In this case, you can try upgrading your WinRAR or re-installing it.
  • You can also install and run Remo Repair RAR tools to repair your broken software.

So, if you don’t want to face such problems in the coming future it’s better not to use untrusted tools or sites. Make sure you are running antivirus software on your device and keeping a backup for all your RAR files.

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