How Does WinRAR Make Money

You might be aware of what WinRAR actually is and if you have ever installed any software or used an archive then yes you know what it actually is. It’s one of the most popular archiving software and is used by companies worldwide. WinRAR is widely used for compressing games or other software for some sharing.

Why does WinRAR offer a free trial for a lifetime?

WinRAR, unlike other software, allows you to use the software for free even after the trial period has expired, giving you enough time to think about whether to buy the license or not. This is definitely not the case with other software, as you can’t keep on using the app after the trial period, you have to pay some money afterward. 

After your trial period is over, you will see this warning “WinRAR is not free software, after the end of the 40-day trial period, you must purchase the license or remove the software from machine.”, what we actually do is, close this window and start using WinRAR normally.

WinRAR lets us use the software normally, even after the trial period, and we usually think that it is free software and whenever you feel like using it you just go to the website and download it.

WinRAR is already aware of this and lets us use the software normally. This helps WinRAR fight against piracy and making it one of the most popular software in the world.

How Does Winrar Make Money Though ?

Now, coming to the main question “How the heck does WinRAR is making money?” RARlabs is the real company behind WinRAR, software companies and the multinationals always buys the software. This means that they will also buy WinRAR for their use.


Multinational companies often say a big no to the open-source software as the software is supported by the community and some updates and changes to the codes are really not consistent. These big companies can never go a day without an update or any other changes.

With the original software, companies are pretty sure of one thing that all the updates will be on time plus they will be offered new and unique algorithms. The money that WinRAR makes selling the software to big companies is more than enough.

To end it all, WinRAR makes money by selling its software to big organizations and multinationals. These big companies go for the original software so that their daily needs are fulfilled and all the updates and changes are consistent. While WinRAR is pretty sure that no other personal computer is going to pay for the license and that’s their strategy to make money.

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