Galaxy Buds Low Volume – How To Make Galaxy Buds Louder

After I bought my Samsung Galaxy Buds, I was more than excited to take it with me everywhere I go. But the first day I took it to work, I was very disappointed. Even though the media volume on my phone was full, the volume on Galaxy Buds was too low.

I thought the Galaxy Buds’ ear tips were not the right fit for my ear. So I swapped them too much bigger ear tips that came with the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds. Galaxy buds volume control options were missing in the app and the phone itself.

To be honest, this did improve the sound quality as this increased the sound isolation with outside background noise. So, I looked around the web and found the solutions to Galaxy bud’s low volume issue even though the volume on your phone is at max. Did you know you can pair and use your galaxy buds on a Laptop?

All these tips imply to Galaxy Buds and Galaxy buds plus. If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment so that someone else might find them useful.

Galaxy Buds Low Volume – Galaxy Buds Volume Control

If it’s your first time trying the Samsung earbuds, make sure you get familiar with the initial setup procedure.

Most users never install the app, thus they are not able to control the volume of the Galaxy earbuds directly. If this does not solve your low volume issues, please see the updates section or the FAQs.

For someone that is facing other issues and would like some assistance, please leave them in the comments section below.

1. Get Volume Control on Galaxy Buds Plus Touchpad

If you wish to use the Dual Audio and keep the volume levels on the galaxy buds, you can enable the Galaxy buds volume control that is on the buds touchpad.

First you need to download and install the Galaxy Wearable app from the app store. This app is freely available in the Play store or the iOS Appstore.

  1. Open Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Select Galaxy Buds from the list if you have other devices connected too.
  3. Scroll down and open “Touchpad.”
  4. Under “Touch and hold touchpad,” tap on either one of the options and set it to Volume Up/Down.
  5. Now to increase the volume, long press on the right earbud and you will hear a beep. To max out the volume, long press until you start hearing double beeps. To decrease the volume, long tap on the left earbud and this will increase the volume

2. Why Are My Galaxy Buds So Quiet?

You buds are so quiet probably because of smaller ear tips, gunk between the audio driver and ear tips, old Wearable firmware, or a combination of all of these. I’ve tackled all of these separately down below, follow the steps to make your Samsung earbuds louder than ever before.

I constantly update this article on how to fix this issue, depending on the scenario, different things might work to get your quiet galaxy buds a bit louder.

Update: 29 March 2022 – Use Bigger Eartips

If you are still struggling with your buds volume after trying all the basic troubleshooting methods, one thing to try is bigger ear tips. You can try swapping with the ones that your Samsung earbuds are shipped with.

Alternatively you can find some generic ones on Amazon. If you would like me to list some, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll update the article accordingly.

Update: 31st July 2021 – Samsung Galaxy Buds Quiet In One Ear

– If you’ve tried everything and are still wondering “why are my galaxy buds so quiet”, I might have some answers for you. This only applies to used earbuds, if the volume is low on one ear or if your buds seem to get quieter as you use it.

I assume you’ve tried everything I have mentioned in this article or if you have a new set of earbuds, this is not for you.

The problem is the way the earbuds are built or more specifically how to speakers on the buds have been put together. After digging deep through Reddit, this seems to be the case for most of the users.

The space between the metal grill and the filter gets gunk deposited over time, and this muffles the audio and makes your earbuds quieter. I am not suggesting you open them up and clean them, as this will void your warranty and also might damage your earbuds if you don’t know what you are doing.

Source – Reddit

What I can suggest though is :

– Use an alcohol wipe a give them a good clean once in a while, don’t do it very often. Make sure they are dry before using them
– Regularly clean your ears as cleaner your ears are, less gunk will be accumulated in the buds
– Never soak them in any kind of solution, as it might dissolve any gunk accumulated inside the grill and making the situation worse.

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Update: 5th October 2020 – Samsung Finally Updates The Firmware

After millions of updates, Samsung has finally done a very good job with the Samsung earbuds firmware. I forget that these are the Samsung earbuds that I had a while back. Some of the things that have been improved significantly and have actually made me think if I should upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Buds.

  • Connectivity – Keeping the occasional battle to get them to connect aside, it only takes a few seconds for the buds to automatically connect to my phone. The difference is significant. Before it could take 5-10 seconds to connect the buds to the phone. Now if it is already paired, they automatically connect in a couple of seconds.
  • Both the earbuds work all the time – A weird issue me and some other users were facing previously. Even when I charged the buds while they were in the case, one of the buds would not work sometimes.

Please update your Samsung earbuds and your phone’s Software – This should solve your issue

If that does not help, try the following before looking for other solutions.

  • Use Bigger Eartips – Using a bigger(tighter) Eartips will guarantee, increase the volume
  • Clean the tips regularly
  • More battery > Better audio quality and volume
  • Update the firmware – you will be surprised how much this can help you

Update: 7th May 2020 – Media Volume Sync Removed

The “Media Volume Sync” option has been removed

Samsung has removed this option under Bluetooth > Advanced

Seems like Samsung has removed the Media volume sync options in their recent android software update for most smartphones. So if you are not able to find the “media volume sync” options under advanced settings for your Bluetooth, it’s a lot easier to get galaxy buds volume control on your device.

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The option to control the volume on the galaxy buds from the galaxy bud’s touch control is still there. So if you would like to control the buds’ volume from the bud’s touch controls, you can find those steps below.

For everyone else who is looking to control galaxy buds volume from their phone, I would suggest you do as follows:-

  • Go to “Settings” > “Software update” and see if there is a software update available for your Samsung device
  • Download and install the software update and restart the phone
  • Open the Samsung wearable app and reset you Samsung earbuds
  • Pair your earbuds again with the phone after the software update
  • Once connected the volume keys will control the overall volume of the phone including the Galaxy earbuds

If your phone does not have an update or there is a Media Volume Sync option even after the update, you can control the volume on your buds by following the steps I’ve mentioned below.

Please leave a comment if this update did not help you in controlling the volume on your earbuds.

3. Other Solutions For Quiet Galaxy Buds

Samsung earbuds are not the best built and since they are the first generation to its predecessor, Samsung earbuds plus there are lots of issues with the hardware itself.

So if nothing has helped, make sure you return them and get a replacement. I have got feedback from some of my friends that after the buds were replaced, they do not have any issue at all with their Galaxy Buds.

You will see in the comments down below, lots of users have mentioned that even after following all these tips they are still facing one of the below-mentioned issues:

  • Volume low on left earbuds
  • Right Galaxy Bud Quiter
  • One earbud quieter than other
  • Galaxy buds now loud enough

3.1 Get Them Replaced

If your galaxy buds are still under warranty, I would say that you should get them replaced

Why is this?

Unlike other Bluetooth headphones, Galaxy earbuds have their own volume control system. So, regardless of you increasing the volume on your phone to the max, this does not sync with the galaxy buds.

By turning the Media volume sync, we force the galaxy earbuds to sync with the phone’s volume rocker and give maximum volume when the phone’s media volume is also at a maximum.

But we turned the “Dual audio off.” What if I want to use it and listen at max volume.

This allows you to use the “Dual Audio” feature and also listen to audio on Earbuds at max volume.

The only downside was that when the earbuds are put on “Media volume sync” volume change is very smooth while as when it’s off, it does not feel quite smooth.

Regardless of which option you choose, this is the way to increase volume on Samsung galaxy buds.

If you have more queries, please leave a comment below on galaxy earbuds volume issues and your personal experience using galaxy earbuds.

70 thoughts on “Galaxy Buds Low Volume – How To Make Galaxy Buds Louder”

  1. you are awesome! i was skeptichal at beginning when started to read but went all the way and follow your advice, and now the buds really rock much better! thank you very much, i was just about to toss them!

      • I have issues answering calls with the double tap on my right bud. I’ve had luck fixing this issue in the past by deleting my gear app and unpairing and repairing my buds from scratch. Maybe it will help you??

  2. So i just bought my buds but when i go into my settings and advanced it says that media sych is not supported on this device
    Any help with that

      • Hi, the way i did it: phone A) lineageos . cant run wearable app, as it sais not supported on that modified OS. then i ran the wearable app on another OS (original firmware) and set the left bud to decrease volume and the right one to increase.

        now i can increase/decrease the volume at the buds directly on my unsupported phone without the headphone.

        I hope i could help anybody.

  3. My buds still are very quiet and the ambient sound has stopped working. They are not broken and have stopped working randomly. All the steps above I had already been following. I have an S9 and got these in October

  4. Sorry didn’t work I can’t turn it on because it says next to the switch for media volume sync that the connected device does not support it

    • If your buds are not turning on, try putting it back in the case and charging the case. Try this couple of times and it should connect to your phone again.

  5. The new Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra no longer has the dual audio to turn off. I’m hearing from different sources that Samsung got rid of it because this allows users to increase volume and they don’t want to to be legally liable for damages to eardrums

    • Hi Michael,

      I am not exactly sure if that is correct. With Samsung removing this dual audio feature, are you able to control your Galaxy bud’s volume from the phone’s volume rocker itself?

  6. I purchased a galaxy s20 ultra. With it a new pair of galaxy buds plus. The options for dual audio is not included with the initial launch and update. I was able to switch the volume up and down on the wearable app. But when I adjust that volume i can watch it change on the phone. I have max volume limit turned off.

    My volume is not banging

  7. I have S20 ultra. Does not have dual audio setting. I have tried the method of touchpad but the volume still low.

  8. Thank you kindly! I truly enjoy my new earbuds but was about to return them and settle for something less pleasing to me because of the issue with the volume. You saved me from making that return. Thank you so very much!

  9. In the latest updates from Samsung, some bluetooth settings were removed, making this solution basically useless. Could you look into this/update this?

    • Hi all, I have updated the article and tested the same with my Samsung S9+ and Earbuds. Please let me know if you still have issues so that I can find other solutions to this issue. But as always you can configure the touch controls on your earbuds to control the volume which should do the trick. Have a good one. (Y)

  10. Hi All,
    I have updated the article and tested the same with my Samsung S9+ and Earbuds. Please let me know if you still have issues so that I can find other solutions to this issue. But as always you can configure the touch controls on your earbuds to control the volume which should do the trick. Have a good one. (Y)

    • I have a Note 10 Plus. When I go to advanced under Bluetooth settings I do not have the dial audio option at all. I’ve gone in and done the touchpad setting on the buds themselves and have them all the way up but it’s still very faint. Have also cleaned them. Have changed the mdledia volume limit under sounds to the max. I’ve changed the settings under developer options as well. Nothing works to make them like they were before the last update. These basically don’t even work anymore.

      • @nick: Unfortunately the final thing you should try is changing to a bigger ear tips, this helped me a lot. But if nothing seems to work, you will have to get them replaced.

    • Try Bigger size ear tips, this is the last option you have before getting them replaced by Samsung. if you get them replaced by Samsung, chances are they will be the same.

  11. I have a samsung S9, and noticed that with the last update my galaxy buds are much much quieter then they used to be. I have media volume sync on, have done every troubleshooting issue I can find online. And the volume just doesn’t turn up very loud. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  12. If your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, or Gear IconX earbuds have no or low volume and poor sound quality on one or both buds, there may be a couple reasons why. You might be wearing the earbuds incorrectly, or the buds could have accumulated dust or debris. Additionally, the audio quality could be affected by outdated software, a low battery, and several other things.

  13. Switching the settings to push and hold Volume Up solved it for me. It would seem these come out of the factory at 70%, you need to boost the volume by changing the tapping gestures to volume. You can then put it back to voice control of you want and just adjust volume with the phone volume rocker.

  14. Hello! I had the same problem, and I knew I did not need to clean them. It went from no volume to some volume but very quiet. To fix this, go onto the app (samsung wearable) then click reset. This will reset all your earbuds settings and will fix it.

  15. I think i found something, that helped a bit. While browsing the touch settings, i switched right one to increase volume by “touch and hold”. It really increased the volume, much above the level i have been able to set till then. I havent found any slider or possibility to set this up other way, but it works

  16. So I have the Samsung Note 8 and I found the ‘Touch controls’ in the ”Wearables app and I was able to, through the phone, press on Right and got the Volume up, but pressing on the left it’s still Volume down, I tried pressing on it, on the phone, for three seconds…nothing, I pressed the left earbud itself for three seconds and nothing. These are new earbuds so I know they are not dirty


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