How To Block Text Messages On iPhone And Android

Spam messages are really frustrating sometimes. Not just spam messages but messages from a person that you cannot get rid of can leave you with no other option but to stop spam texts messages from that person. This article is dedicated to the users looking on how to block text messages that are spam or just someone that you really do not care.

There can be different scenarios, where someone would block sms from another person.

  • The text being just a spam.
  • Unwanted text from a person you know.

Let’s look into the solutions for these scenarios.

How To Block Text Messages: iPhone/Android

Case I : Spam Texts

Spam messages are random messages are mostly sent via internet and if replied to or reacted upon, leads to a misleading website or service that will solely benefit the person sending the message. So, the best way to block text messages that are spam would be by calling your mobile phone service provider and requesting them to to look into your case and block the messages from the service provider.

This way you don’t have to deal with anything on your side an the telecom partner will deal with any spam texts sent to you in the future.

Well, if the service provider is unable to do so, or you are still getting those spam text messages. There are ways that you can block text messages on your phone.

For Android

Default Messaging App

If you are an android user, the default messaging app handles this kind of problem quite well.


Note: The options mentioned below might differ upon the android version and the type of phone you have.

  • Open the message app.
  • Go to settings and look for “Spam filter” or something related to spam texts.
  • Again depending upon the version and type of phone, you might see few options.
  • Open “Spam Numbers”.
  • You can either input the number itself, add one from the contacts or add the number from the inbox.
  • After that’s done, the number will be added to the spam list and every time you receive the text from that person, it will be taken care of.

What if you want to see what text messages you might have received??

  • Again go to settings and spam filter settings.
  • And you should find an option for spam messages where all the spam texts are stored.

Third Party App

There are numerous third party applications stop spam texts messages on an android phone. Naming some few;

I’ve personally used Handcent SMS couple of times and will definitely recommend it to everyone looking for a good third party app. And it’s free too, that’s definitely a plus point.

More Info on Handcent SMS 

For iPhone

For all the iPhone Users the default blocking feature does a pretty decent job. But please be reminded that this blocks any type of interaction from the number in future. I mean there will be no calls, no facetime nothing from the number. So if it a spam number, but if it is from a person that you would want to talk but not text, this would not be a good idea.

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to “Messages” and tap on it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and open “Blocked”.
  • There you should see all the phone numbers that you have blocked and also and option to add a new number to block text messages and calls.
  • Go ahead and add the contact. You have to save the number as a contact first to block it though.

So, how do you block a number on iPhone that is not on your contact list??

  • Open messages and go to the message that you received from the number that you want to block or put into the spam list.
  • Now from the top left, tap on details  and scroll to the buttom.
  • You should see an option “Block This Caller”.
  • Tap on that option and you are all good.

Other Options

There are lots of other options that you might be interested in and can save you some time too.

  • If you are using Verizon, Telstra At&T they have their own spam tools. You might have to pay for some service though.

Third Party Applications

There are numerous number of third party that can the job done for you. The one we will be talking about is iBlacklist.

For all the download links and full in depth tutorial on how to setup the application go here.

Hope this article has helped you on how to block text messages on iPhone or Android phones, all the queries will be entertained as soon as we can.

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