Edit PDF Online (Best Ways)

PDF is the most widely used file formats nowadays, as the doc formats before. To edit a doc file, we need a supportive application likewise to edit a pdf; we need a respective application. But one can also edit PDF online, and it’s easy and quick as well. If you want to edit pdf offline, we’ll explain that as well later on.

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Edit PDF Online: Getting Started

Well, no need to mention that you will need an Internet connection first ;). Second you need to install java on your system to get your job done with efficiency. You can get the latest version of java from here.

After you’ve successfully installed java on your system, you should have a java-enabled browser and make to turn the java scripts on.

Facing Any Troubles ?? If No, Great! Lets continue.

Finally, editing a Pdf file

Since you’re all set to carry on with your editing, finally open PDFEscape. It’s one of the best online pdf editors, and it’s really easy to use and effective.

After pdfescape has been loaded successfully, you can either sign up or log in (if you are a returning visitor).

Now Click on the yellow buttons that say” Edit Your PDF Now.”

After that, you need to upload your PDF by clicking on “Upload PDF to PDFescape.

You can also open up your recently opened PDF file or directly load a PDF from the Internet.

After the file is completely loaded, you can edit your PDF the way you want.

Best Features of PDFescape

Some of the best features available are :

  • Easy and flexible interface.
  • You can easily add Text, Image, Annotations to your PDF.
  • Linking your content to other web pages using the hyperlink option.
  • Adding annotations to elaborate much better.
  • A whiteout option to hide texts you do not want others to see.

Major Drawbacks

Two major drawbacks of using PDFescape is the restriction of file size and pages limitation.

  • You cannot upload a pdf file of size more than 10 MB.
  • Your PDF should not exceed the minimum pages limit of 100 Pages.

You can upgrade to premium if you wish, but if you are looking to edit PDF online for free, this might not be the proper solution for you.

CutePDF Editor: The solution

CutePDF Editor is the best solution to edit PDF online for free. It has no restrictions and great tools to make the most out of your PDF files as well.

Its easier to use, and if you’ve gone through the above walkthrough carefully, it will not be much of a fuss for you.

  • First Go to CutePDF Editor, and click on start to edit your PDF file online.
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to upload your PDF file to edit.
  • After uploading has been completed, your PDF will load and show up on the screen.
  • Now, you can easily edit PDF online.

Best Features

If we were to list some of the best features of this website:

  • No limitations and restrictions.
  • You can extract any page and save it separately.
  • Best editing features, like inserting blank pages, cropping, etc.
  • You can add or edit a pdf security setting.
  • Merging files, header footer properties, and much more.!!

Up To You,

Though there are lots of websites and tools to edit PDF online, if you need basic online PDF editor for normal pdf editing, these two places will do your work effectively and efficiently.

How do you edit PDF online? Do share in the comments below!

Hope This Helps!

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