Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge, Should You Upgrade


Samsung has finally unvield its latest flagship phone at MWC in barcelona. The all new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, no more plus or edge plus. Well, is this “The” phone for you though. Even though the decision is all yours, i can for sure help you decide whether or not you should but …

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How To Block Text Messages On iPhone And Android


Spam messages are really frustrating sometimes. Not just spam messages but messages from a person that you cannot get rid of can leave you with no other option but to stop spam texts messages from that person. This article is dedicated to the users looking on how to block text messages that are spam or just …

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How To Root Android Phone Without Computer

Rooting a android phone is one of the most hyped topic when it comes to customizing an android phone or installing different applications that unleash your phone’s full performance capabilities. But how to root android phone without computer ??? Yes rooting is usually done via PC, connecting your phone to the PC and running bunch of …

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Will Formatting Remove Viruses From Your Computer/Drive


Viruses are just a type of software or an application developed for the destruction of the data on a system or cause harm to the user or the system that it is attached to. There are thousands and thousands of viruses around the internet and offline, but most of the severe ones are transferred via …

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iPhone 6s Chipgate, Everything You Need To Know

Last year, #bendgate got all the iPhone users worried that they are going find waking up the next morning and their iPhones bent. Well, not really, but still the whole world went crazy about iPhone 6 being bent while in their pocket and the hype was legit till a point. If you take a step …

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Err_connection_refused is another annoying error message most users might have been seeing on google chrome, Mozilla firefox or all the browsers. This kind of error can also be related to Dns Server Not Responding , or other bunch of different kinds of errors. Well, its hard to say what might be the reason beside you getting …

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Android 5.0 Lollipop Finally Comes To Australia’s S5 Users


Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I Vodafone, Telstra and Optus users can finally get their hands on the most recent official android OS (before Android M) android 5.0 lollipop. Though most of the users worldwide have already got the update on their Samsung galaxy s5, the major carriers of Australia started to roll out the update for …

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Livemixtapes Mobile For Mixtapes Lovers

Livemixtapes is a free online music streaming and downloading service. It packs a wide range of different genres of music, in a form of Mixtapes. Depending on your preference, you can follow, create, listen or even download the songs or the entire Mixtape for free. You can also download Livemixtapes mobile app and enjoy your …

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How To Change Your Name On Facebook Before 60 Days 2016

facebook name change

Did you recently change your name on Facebook and regret it. Or you are back at your old profile and realize how stupid you were when you used the name of that Facebook account. Well, this article is all about on “how to change your name on Facebook”. Facebook takes its user’s identity and personal …

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Password Protect A Folder Without Using Any Application


Are you a person who likes to back up most of your important data and information locally on you Computer instead storing them on the cloud or on an external protected media? If yes, you must always be on search on how to password protect a folder. I also personally like to store some of …

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100+ Text Abbreviations You Should Know By Now


With the everyday increasing hype of social media and social media messaging, one should get used to the abbreviations that are mostly used on that social network. Today we’re going to talk about text abbreviations that one should know to send someone a quick message or not look stupid reading when someone else sends you …

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Enable Hibernation On Windows 8 , 10


Hibernate is an power option on windows that allows you to save the current state of your desktop and turn off your PC/Laptop and continue it from there, next time you login. To enable hibernation on previous version of windows like windows XP or windows 7 it was really easy. In this windows 8 tip …

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Add Your Gmail Account To Mail App On Windows 8


Windows 8,8.1, 10 all serve a integrated mail app that by default only serves the mails from the default signed in Microsoft. That means if you are using a Microsoft account to manage all the resources on your Windows PC, then be default your Mail app for windows 8 serves the mails from that email …

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