iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode

Are you also a victim of the problem where your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in and the iPhone stuck in headphone mode? There can be a lot of different reasons behind this error that you are facing, but with all the luck you might not have to take your iPhone to a repair center.

Solutions For iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode

First let me summarize all of the solutions that I am about to mention in this article.

  • Restarting the operating system.
  • (Q-tips)Cleaning the debris from inside the headphone port.
  • Using Compressed air.
  • Resetting the iPhone.
  • Using the Headphones to solve the issue.
  • Straw to the rescue.

Now let’s get into a bit of detail into each of the forth mentioned solutions.

Solution 1 : Restarting The Operating System

As simple this solution might sound to you, this does seem to work in some cases. You know sometime the operating system in the phone can go a bit crazy and restarting the phone can actually bring it back to normal. Restarting the phone is simple just long press the sleep/wake button and slide the red slider. After that long press the same button to start the phone again.

iphone restart

Solution 2: Cleaning The Derbis (Q-tips)

If you recently dropped your phone or its has been through a bit of rough handling, some debris might have been accumulated inside the headphone port. This might confuse the iPhone to think as if a headphone has been plugged in.


Also when you insert a headphone into its port, it presses the small knobs inside the port and the music is played via the headphones. Due to whatever reason, the knobs might get stuck inside and the iPhone might be stuck in headphone mode even though it is not.

To fix your iPhone stuck in headphone mode with a q-tip :

  • Grab a q-tip a rip most of the cotton off the stick.
  • Now gently insert the tip inside the headphone port and give it a good clean.
  • Carefully look for the “knob” that i mentioned earlier and make sure it is not pushed in.
  • Grab a flashlight and check if the port is completely cleared.
  • Restart the phone after that is done, just to make sure.

Finally check to see if the iPhone is no longer in the headphone mode.

Solution 3: Compressed Air

One have to be really careful before proceeding with this solution. As the iPhone parts are really delicate so in some cases you might break the phone completely while trying to get small problem fixed.


With compressed air,  we mean simply blowing air into the headphone port. But just be gentle, you might also use a hair dryer. Just make sure the hair dryer is on cool mode and not hot air mode.

Solution 4: Resetting The iPhone

Some users have had this issue after restarting the phone. By this point, if noone of the above solutions seem to work for you, just go with resetting the iPhone completely. But make sure that you backup all of your data and important files.

In some cases, a minor software complication might be the issue for this kind of problem.

Solution 5: Using The Headphones

Most of the users in different forum have had success with this trick. The trick is simply to insert and unplug the headphone from the headphone jack as fast as possible, 7-8 times.

The basic idea is to reset the knobs in the headphone port and also to clean any debris existing inside the port.

Solution 6: Lollipop Stick (Straw)

OK, this one sound a bit silly but actually tend to work. The idea is that you get a lollipop stick or a straw ( which is obviously hollow) and you suck in really hard inserting it into the headphone jack. This will eventually help you clear any kind of blockade that might have been developing in the port causing you iPhone stuck in headphone mode.


What if none of this work,

Well, if none of the above mentioned solutions work, I am afraid but your iPhone headphone jack might have become defective. Or internal chips or other hardware parts have gone crazy and showing that the iPhone is stuck in headphone mode even though no headphone is connected.

You better take it to your nearest apple care and have the professional have a look into your case.

Prajwal is a senior editor @Windowslovers. A Tech enthusiast who loves to read and write articles that aid users in getting the most out of their gadgets and tech it easy.

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