What SSD Drive Does Your Laptop Support

SSD drives can really boost your PC/Laptop’s performance when it comes to reading and writing. This means, with the right hardware configurations the SSD will be a huge bonus supporting faster windows loading, applications, games and every task that you use your system for.

I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire V Nitro (VN7-571G-70HF) laptop to an SSD from Transcend and I must admit, the performance of the laptop skyrocketed. Well, since I had some issues getting the hardrive to work at the first place. (Will discuss about that in my upcoming post), after getting a fresh install of windows 10 on the Transcend 256GB MLC SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5″ Solid State Drive 370.

  • Super Fast cold/warm boot.
  • Applications ran much more smoother.

Well those two improvements eventually improved all other aspects of the laptop.

If you are not a power user, you will certainly have a hard time to know what type or kind of SSD your laptop will support. There is bunch of different ways you can find that out.

You can do a bit of research online and see if you laptop supports a SSD drive at all. Because chances are if you have a bit of older system, it will not support any SSD drive.


  • After you figure out that your laptop supports an SSD, you should be really looking into finding the right size of the SSD that can be actually inserted into the laptop. Because even though the series of the laptop you have might support SSD, you must be sure that the exact model you have will support that type of SSD.
  • YouTube is one of the best place to do a bit of research. Search for the exact model no of your laptop and see for a teardown video, and see if they hint about a SSD drive slot.
  • Some of the websites that provide teardowns and other information are :
    • http://www.tim.id.au/blog/tims-laptop-service-manuals/
    • https://www.ifixit.com/Guide
    • http://www.eserviceinfo.com/browse.php?id=43
    • http://www.insidemylaptop.com/

Which SSD Do I Use On My ACER

Well, Acer’s acer v Nitro and VN7 series are not really that popular I guess. Atleast the model I have, Acer Aspire V-Nitro VN7571G70HF is not really that popular. I came to know that when I tried to install a SSD on the machine. I looked through lots of videos on YouTube, but still no luck. While reading through the forums, I found out a post about using crucial’s tool to check your system for supported products.

That’s what I am guiding you in the rest of the article.

  • Download the “Crucial Scan” Software.
  • Open the tool and give it the administrative rights that it asks for.
  • You should now be redirected to crucial’s website and a dialog with the system scan should be running.
  • Give it some time and you should see all sorts of information about your system.
  • What you should be looking at here, is the compatible SSDs section.
  • You can straight away go and buy the SSD from the website or look for the one similar to it from amazon or other sources.

So, thats how you check if your laptop supports SSDs or what SSD drive is compatible with your laptop.

Feedbacks appreciated.

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