How To Block Websites On Mozilla Firefox

The Internet is the best place if you want to increase the knowledge. With useful stuff, there are so many things that you do not want to access. The Internet is filled with intense and bad things that definitely you do not want your family to access, especially children. They get attracted to these things without knowing how much harm it can cause to them. It is a wise decision to block certain websites that you do want to access. So, if you are using Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet and wondering how to block certain websites then this article is for you. Here I am explaining a good method that can be used to block websites on Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox cannot block websites on its own, that’s why you need the help of external tools. By the external tool I mean you need extensions. To block websites on Mozilla Firefox you need a particular extension called BlockSite. This is the most popular extension to block websites on Mozilla Firefox. This extension lets to define the black list and white list of websites. If you want to block certain websites then you can simply enter it in the black list section and if you want to allow only a few sites then you can enter them in the white list section. This extension also lets you secure the list with a password. So’ now let’s see how to block websites on Mozilla Firefox browser?

How to Block Websites on Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1 – Install BlockSite Extension on Mozilla Firefox

The first step to block websites on Mozilla Firefox is to install BlockSite Extension. If you already know how to install an extension for Mozilla Firefox then you can step this step by installing the extension yourself. Click on the Menu button on Firefox browser then click on Add-ons button. This will display you the list of extensions or add-ons that are currently installed on your browser. But you have to install one. So, click on Get Add-ons button which is located on the left side of the window.

Now the browser will display you the featured and most popular extensions. Now, click on See more add-ons button which is on the bottom side of the window. You will get another tab with add-ons market. Now search for BlockSite extension. Open this extension and click on Add to Firefox Button. Now the browser will confirm you about the installation. To confirm click on Install button, the BlockSite extension will be installed on your browser. There are different extensions to block websites on Mozilla Firefox, we are mentioning it here because we think this is a most suitable extension for the job. If you are not satisfied with BlockSite then you can install others also.

Remember Firefox will restart after installing an extension, so it is good for you to save the unfinished work before installing it. Once it is installed on your browser it will ask to use your browsing data anonymously to improve the extension. You can choose for I don’t want help or you can let see your browsing data by BlockSite. It’s up to you.

Step 2- Configure the Password on BlockSite

The second step to block websites on Mozilla Firefox is to set the password on BlockSite extension. This password will help you to secure the settings. It means no one other can allow or block websites without your permission. To do this, click on the Extensions tab on Firefox. Now you can see BlockSite extension there click on Options button.

This will display you the options for BlockSite. Under the Authentication section click on Enable Authentication option. Now add your password in the New Password box. Make it tough to guess. After Adding password click on OK button.

Now you have set a password to block websites on Mozilla Firefox.

Step 3- Define Block Websites on Mozilla Firefox

The next step to block websites on Mozilla Firefox is to define the list of blocked websites. There are two lists on BlockSite extension. One is Black List and another is White List. If you want to block only certain websites and let other sites accessed then use Black List. Define the sites you want to block on the black list. If you want only to allow certain websites to be accessed on your Firefox browser then use a white list. In this case, you want to block websites on Mozilla Firefox we use Black List.

Select the Black List option and click on Add button. It will display you the small window. Now simply type or copy paste the website address that you want to block on location section. If you want to add some description about this site you can add it in the description section. Now, repeat the process if you want to block websites on Mozilla Firefox more. You can edit the list or remove a site by using Edit and Remove Buttons. Import and Export buttons on BlockSite let you take the backup of your list and restore it later.

Besides blocking particular websites, BlockSite extension gives you an excellent feature to block websites based on content. Well, you can’t know all the websites address with harmful content. So, this option is a big relief for you. If you want to block websites with “Gambling” mentioned on it then you can simply add it as a Wildcard. To do this, click on Add button and then in location section add *Gambling* and then click ok. Now the BlockSite extension will block all the websites which contain the word Gambling. This way you can make sure that your children stay away from harmful contents. This is an excellent idea to block websites on Mozilla Firefox.

You have seen a popular extension block websites on Mozilla Firefox browser. The BlockSite extension is not only light but it also a powerful extension. You can secure your settings with a password. Although this is a great way to block websites on Mozilla Firefox but it is not full proof. If it is about your children then it is a good way, but if you want so sure to block a website then you must consider other options also, like using DNS, Proxy Servers, and editing Host file of Firefox browser.

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