10 Best Browsers For Android Phones This Year

The best part of a smartphone is you can browse the internet when you want and where you are. You can read your favorite blogs, you can shop online, and you can get social on social networking sites. To do this you use an application called browser. There are so many, here in this article, I am going to list best browsers for android smartphone. Some of them are good with speed and navigation and some have special ability to sync the history with the desktop version. You can try a few and decide which one is the best browser for android.

10 Best Browser for Android Smartphone


In the list of best browser for an android smartphone, Dolphin comes to first. Dolphin browser comes in two version one is HD and another is Mini. The HD one comes with all super options like on-screen gestures, speech to text, other navigation options. The Mini version comes with fewer options and more speed. Some of its good features are old version flash support, incognito mode, and ad-block feature. It is the best user experience that Dolphin has become most recommended browser for Android smartphone.

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Puffin Browser

If you are looking for a high-speed browser for android then Puffin is the best choice. The browser does its loading task in the background so you don’t have to wait. If you are downloading heavier files then first it downloads in the cloud servers to give you steady bandwidth. Puffin is a high customizable browser, you can also use its track pad to come with a mouse cursor in case you are missing your laptop. The only thing that bothers in the free version of Puffin is it displays ads on the bottom side.

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In this list of best browsers for android, Firefox got its place. It has been a long time that Firefox appears on mobiles. With time Firefox improved a lot. The features of this browser make it one of the most favorable browsers for android. Its ability to sync the data to the desktop version is amazing. Your settings, bookmarks, and history are synced with the desktop. Some of its other amazing features are Chromecast Support, privacy features, quick sharing, and easy to use bookmarks.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser for Android. It may be because it comes pre-loaded on most android smartphones, then people start liking its features. Google Chrome is fully integrated with the android system which gives you additional capability if you are an advanced user. It supports desktop syncing, incognito mode, and multi-tabs. If you are a fan of Chrome desktop browser then you should use its browsers for the android phone too. The multi-tabs can slow down your phone a little because every tab eats RAM.

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Ghostery Browser

If you really love your privacy then Ghostery is the best browser for android smartphone. Earlier, it was an extension to the Chrome and Firefox browser. It enables you to monitor the websites trackers which are looking your personal information. With this extension, you can block those trackers which look suspicious. Now, they have inbuilt the same functionality that also can be used as a browser for android. Other features than privacy are not much attractive but it gets the job done.

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Mercury Browser

Next in the list of best browser for android is Mercury Browser. It first was popular over iOS platform then it comes to android. Mercury browser is a combination of privacy features, security and user interface. It has a private mode, a pass code lock feature, ad-block features, flash support, different themes, and gesture control. You can manually select which search engine will be used to follow your queries. Overall, Mercury is a browser for android which has almost all features.

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UC Browser

If you are tired of slow connection while browsing the net then UC browser is the best browser for android. It compressed the data using cloud servers so that the loading process increased. Other good features of UC browser is gesture control, night reading mode, and ad-block. This browser comes with special features which are called Facebook Mode. When you turned this on browsing speed increases on the Facebook site.

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Link Bubble

In the list of best browsers for android, next is Link Bubble. This browser doesn’t come with the dedicated search option. You have to open search engine site to search anything, but it’s worth trying. Link Bubble does its loading thing in the background and notifies you when it’s complete. In the meantime, you can do what you were doing. Link Bubble is the best browser for android when it comes to time saving.

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Flyperlink browser for android gives you the option to open multi web pages simultaneously. It opens the web pages in a floating small icon and when it is done you click to expand it. There is no need to open the browser while loading a web page. You can work on other apps and when you want you can click on the bubble and it displays the web site. You can also open different pages in different tabs like Chrome. Flyperlink is the best browser for android to do the multitasking.

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Opera Browser

Opera has been best browser on the iOS platform for a long time. Because of its features, it is also the best browser for android. Opera comes with great features like syncing your history with the desktop version and private browsing. The great feature of Opera is its data saving capability. It downloads web pages on the cloud server and after reducing the size it displays on your smartphone. This is great browser when you want to save your time and data.

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To select the best browser for android you need to analyze your requirements and then easily can select one from above list. If you are looking for a high-speed browser then Opera and Puffin Browser is a great choice. If you worry about your privacy then Ghostery Browser is good for you. If you love to do multitasking then Flyperlink Browser will be great. It’s all about your requirement. If I have to select one for my android smartphone then I will come with either Google Chrome or Dolphin. I love to use multiple options and flexibility.

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