Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screen Light


Dim The Screen Using f.lux To Protect Your Eyes And Fall Sleep Faster Our Body has an internal alarm clock. Well, we are not sure if it’s digital or analog. Matter of the fact is that, to not mess up your alarm clock you should “Dim The Screen”. Not sure why? Let me explain. There …

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Download Psiphon 3 For PC, Android : Psiphon VPN  


Psiphon VPN is a tool that combines a secure combination of VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxies to provide its users complete anonymity while browsing the internet. On top of providing anonymity, it also leaps over any restriction the ISP or the government might have imposed on its users. Psiphon 3 for PC and Psiphon Pro …

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How To Delete Facebook Profile Picture


Facebook collects a lot of data from its users. It knows a lot of our personal details and stuff we would not normally share publicly. Sometimes, things we put on the internet can come back to us in a much unexpected way. So if you want to delete your Facebook profile picture, this is a …

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How To Rotate Screen On Your Device

Monitors or the display screen were one of the best inventions by apple. Being able to see and interact with the work we are doing on the computer, provides whole new level of experience. Even though, sometimes we might find it hard to cope with the screen’s orientation and might have to change the orientation. …

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Protect Your iPhone/Android Phone Screen From Cracking


Smart phones have gotten so much better in past couple of years. So many features are packed inside a small body. Despite all these advancement, they have become more fragile and prone to major damage than before. If you are one of those clumsy smartphone users who drop their phones everywhere, this article will help …

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How To Block Websites On Mozilla Firefox

The Internet is the best place if you want to increase the knowledge. With useful stuff, there are so many things that you do not want to access. The Internet is filled with intense and bad things that definitely you do not want your family to access, especially children. They get attracted to these things …

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How To Block Text Messages On iPhone And Android


Spam messages are really frustrating sometimes. Not just spam messages but messages from a person that you cannot get rid of can leave you with no other option but to stop spam texts messages from that person. This article is dedicated to the users looking on how to block text messages that are spam or just …

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How To Change Your Name On Facebook Before 60 Days 2016

facebook name change

Did you recently change your name on Facebook and regret it. Or you are back at your old profile and realize how stupid you were when you used the name of that Facebook account. Well, this article is all about on “how to change your name on Facebook”. Facebook takes its user’s identity and personal …

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Best Way To Use Android Apps On A PC


Are you an android user, and love the android apps that you use everyday on your phone or a tablet. Then you must always be looking for a easy and convenient way to use all those android apps on your PC/ MAC. See some of the best android emulators for PC here. Well, there already …

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Password Protect A Folder Without Using Any Application


Are you a person who likes to back up most of your important data and information locally on you Computer instead storing them on the cloud or on an external protected media? If yes, you must always be on search on how to password protect a folder. I also personally like to store some of …

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Watch YouTube Videos Blocked In Your Country


“This video is not available in your country,” how often does this happen to you when you want to watch videos from your favorite subscriptions. I understand this is really frustrating to not being able to watch your favorite videos because of the country restrictions set by the video’s uploader. Not anymore, we are here to …

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Comprehensive Guide To Speed Up YouTube Buffering


YouTube is the major source of video consumption these days. With over thousands of hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, one has to have a good internet connection to get the most out of YouTube. So, today we look into some of the best ways to make YouTube videos load/buffer faster. When I …

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Laptop Overheating : Causes And Solutions

Laptop overheating issues are really annoying and makes you fell helpless. When you try to run a heavy app or a game that consumes your GPU, your laptop heats up. Some laptops do not even need much load to get heated.   Fed up with your overheating laptop? You might be overlooking some things to consider before …

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How To Install Windows 7 From USB Drive

Here’s a quick in-depth guide to install windows 7 from USB. Gone are the days of using CD-ROM or even DVD as upcoming PCs/laptop have started skipping the DVD drive in them. We’re not trying that they are of now use anymore, but we have much faster medias and mediums to install windows on our …

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How To Block Pop Ups With Chrome Pop Up Blocker

Pop ups are the most annoying part when it comes to browsing the Internet and mostly those low authority sites which are desperate to make money out of anything. Basically pop ups are the unwanted windows that open up due to a java script that serves a add or an other admin’s intentional materials that …

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