Laptop Overheating : Causes And Solutions

Laptop overheating issues are really annoying and makes you fell helpless. When you try to run a heavy app or a game that consumes your GPU, your laptop heats up. Some laptops do not even need much load to get heated.
Fed up with your overheating laptop? You might be overlooking some things to consider before dumping you laptop.

Laptop Overheating : Causes

Each and every laptop might be overheated due to various reasons. Sometimes even a brand new laptop might breathe fire ;). Still, there are some of the reasons that are always responsible that make your laptop really hot.
  • First and foremost would be dust and dirt inside you laptop. It blocks the air passage from the laptop and so the hot air accumulates inside the laptop and eventually heats up.
  • Is your laptop fan working? Well, it is the foremost thing to check before going into depth analysis. You can easily find whether the fan is running or not by keeping your hand on the air passage.
  • Overload in the CPU or the GPU, are you running multiple applications that require to use the graphics card and other components as well? They will heat up the laptop and also slow down your PC.
  • Where do you operate your laptop from? The surface you place your laptop on, might block the air passage.
  • Finally, if your system is really old wear and tear of the internal parts might generate heat.
So, these were the most common issues that are responsible for laptop overheating. You need not panic, because you can easily solve these issues with the following measures.

Laptop Overheating : Solutions

There can be different solutions to overheating laptop issues, like buying a cooling pad, blowing your laptop with a gun etc. Lets dive in and see what solution best suits for the above mentioned issues
Laptop Maintenance: Our laptop needs periodic maintenance because regular cleaning will keep the laptop from heating and also other dangers. Dust and dirt will not be able to accumulate inside the PC and so no heating issues. So, always keep in mind do take you laptop for maintenance once or twice a year at least.
Operation Surface: Where do you place your laptop while working, never place it on a soft or a surface that will block the air passage. Always place your laptop on a rigid and flat surface for continuous air flow in and out of the laptop and keep your laptop cool. Never place it on bed, blankets, or any other surface or material that will block the fan’s air. 
Maintain Overload: Laptop is a mechanical device. So, they are most likely to wear and tear. Always maintain a balance between you pc capacity and applications you run at once. Use a normal app like the default “Task Manager”. Open it pressing “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Delete” and maintain the usage of your memory and the CPU.
Get a Cooling Pad : The ultimate solution will be getting a cooling pad. This will help and boost the air flow and remember “Not all cooling pads keep you system cool” Some of the best cooling pads are from deepcool. They build some best quality cooling pads and the best cooling pad from deep cool is Monoprice adjustable. 
These were some laptop overheating issuse and some best solutions to prevent and protect your overheating laptop. What measures are you take to take the best care of your laptop?

Prajwal is a senior editor @Windowslovers. A Tech enthusiast who loves to read and write articles that aid users in getting the most out of their gadgets and tech it easy.

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