Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screen Light

Dim The Screen Using f.lux To Protect Your Eyes And Fall Sleep Faster

Our Body has an internal alarm clock. Well, we are not sure if it’s digital or analog. Matter of the fact is that, to not mess up your alarm clock you should “Dim The Screen”. Not sure why? Let me explain.

There are numerous reasons as to why someone cannot fall asleep easily at night. As much as I would want to get into detail about those reasons, this unfortunately is not a health blog. The reason that affects our sleep cycle these days is the “Eerie Blue Glow”.

All the electronic devices that emit artificial light like our phones, computers, TV e.t.c are referred to the blue light emitters. This light affects the production of “melatonin”, you can call this chemical as the fuel of your body’s internal alarm clock.

So what can be the measures to protect our eyes from these harmful lights you ask?

  • Dim the Screen
  • Prevent using your devices where its pitch dark or where there is presence of too much artificial light.
  • Nomore bedtime YouTube/Netflix session
  • Using f.lux or flux.

What is f.lux?

F.lux is a freeware that maintains the color temperature of your computer screen in regards to the current time of the day.

The “Eerie Blue Glow” has to be minimized as we progress with the day.

F.lux does that job for us. And it’s all automatic too. You choose your home location. The app determines what the sunset time will be and manages the brightness and the screen temperature according to that.

How To Install And Use F.lux to Dim The Screen?

F.lux is available all the windows Users and Mac OS users for free. For windows users follow the following installation guide.

  • Go to
  • You can read further instructions or just click on “Download F.lux” button.
  • Open the installer and install the app.
  • You will be redirected to their welcome page and a dashboard should show up on the screen.

F.lux Configurations

There are lots of ways you can configure the app. Here is an article if you need more insight as to how to use or configure f.lux. Click Me.

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Some of the basic configurations that I do to get me started is.

  • I get into settings and enter my location. This helps the app to calibrate the correct color temperature profiles for me.

Things To Remember

Flux does help to dim the screen and protect your eyes from harmful color and light. Please keep in mind that this is not suitable for everyone. So, if you start facing any difficulties after installing and using this app, stop using it straight away.
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