How To Play YouTube Videos On Repeat

Youtube has been everyone’s goto place for music / video consumption these days. Its undoubtedly one of the major sources of music consumption after spotify,pandora etc. Since YouTube’s primary purpose is not to serve music, it lacks most of the basic functions when anyone wants to use YouTube as a music provider. In this article we’ll see some of the basic tricks you should need such as YouTube Loop, fast forward / backward a YouTube video.

YouTube has been everyone’s favorite place to share and listen to music / their favorite videos. But a little more effort would be really good from Google to enhance the “Music” side of YouTube. By “Music” side of YouTube I mean:

  • Bit more controls
  • YouTube Loop Features
  • Random/ Shuffle Features etc

So if you have recently found a YouTube video that you are obsessed with and want to listen to it all the time. I understand the frustration of playing the video over and over again. How cool would it be if we could put that on a loop, without the need of playing the same song again and again. i.e. the YouTube loop.

YouTube Loop: Play YouTube Video In Loop On Computer

  1. YouTube Loop Option

Last month YouTube silently launched a “loop” feature on its desktop based players. Nothing fancy, it just allows its uses to loop the current playing video on a YouTube Loop and plays the YouTube video on repeat without the users input.

This option is easily accessible when you right click on any currently playing video. Further instructions below :

YouTube Loop Options
  • Open any YouTube video that you want to play on repeat.
  • Right click on the video player and you should be able to see a “Loop” option.
  • Click on the YouTube Loop option and the video will loop until you either close the tab or switch to another video.

So, that’s enough if you want to play a certain video on a loop. You see some content creators have uploaded hours long video of the same song or the video? Yes, that was because YouTube lacked the loop option, and the uploaders wanted their users to have a much easier way to listen a youtube video on repeat.

What is you want to listen to more than one video on repeat? Is it possible to loop a YouTube playlist?

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Yes, you can put a playlist on repeat mode on YouTube so that it repeats all the videos on the playlist repeatedly. Lets see how its done.

  1. Playing A YouTube Playlist In Repeat

There are lots of ways you can create a playlist and put it on autorepeat on YouTube.

  • Open any video that you would want to have on the playlist that you are about to create.
  • Once you are on the YouTube’s watch page, you should see an icon that says “Add to”.

YouTube Create Playlist
  • Clicking on the option brings down all the current playlist that you have(if you have) and an option to create a new one.
  • Create a new playlist with a meaning full name and depending on your preference you can set the privacy of the playlist to public, private or unlisted. Its up to you which privacy setting you prefer.
  • The next task is to add all the video that you would like to repeat, just add them to the playlist you just created. Use the youtube’s watch page and add them to the playlist you created in the earlier step.
  • Go to your YouTube’s homepage and on the left hand side you will see all the playlists created by you.
  • Select the playlist that you would like to put on repeat.
  • When the playlist is loaded, on the top right hand side you will see two options. Repeat and Shuffle.

  • youtube-loop-playlist-repeat
    YouTube Loop/ Repeat Options
  • Click on the “Repeat” option and all the videos on the playlist will be on the YouTube loop.
  • Another feature that would be worth is the ability to loop a certain part of the YouTube video. There are ways to do it, but by default option from YouTube could come in real handy.

    Without Using Any Extension

    InfiniteLooper is a online service that allows you to loop a certain section of a YouTube video.

    The idea is simple.

    • You go to InfiniteLooper’s website
    • Copy and paste the video’s URL that you would like to loop.
    • Right under the video you will see a seek that you can drag and adjust.
    • Adjust the section according to the section that you would like to loop.
    • And that’s pretty much it, the section that you selected will repeat until you close the website.
    1. Using And Extension To Loop A YouTube Video

    Looper For YouTube is your answer if you are looking to install an extension for youtube loop facilities. If you are a mozilla firefox user, YouTube Video replay would be your go to.

    • Install the extensions from their respective store.
    • After the installation is finished, the extension adds an option under the YouTube’s watch page to loop the current video.
    • You can either loop the whole video or just a certain section of the video.
    1. YouTube Loop: Loop YouTube Videos On Android Phone

    Watching YouTube Videos on loop on android devices is simple. All you need is an application that is available for free on the app store.

    • Open play store and search for “Listen on Repeat for YouTube”.
    • Open the application and search for the video you wish to listen on repeat.
    • Tap on the video to load it, the video should start playing automatically. If not, tap on the play button to start playing the video.
    • Now you can exit the app, and the YouTube video will play on repeat.
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    One cool feature of this app is that you can play YouTube in background on your phone.

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