Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story, DM, Post?

Instagram has gained new heights after being acquired by Facebook, no doubt about that. Instagram has gone through lots of major changes when it comes to features and settings available to its users. When Instagram first brought out the “Stories” feature over from Snapchat, it also tried to release a screenshot notification feature to its users. This would let the users know if anyone has taken a screenshot of their story, DM, or posts on Instagram. That feature has since retired and you may be wondering does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story, DM, post

No, Instagram does not notify when you screenshot a story, Posts or DM(with some exceptions). Instagram does notify the other user if he/she sends you a temporary message and you screenshot that, for more details on how this works please read along with the below article. Unlike on Snapchat, you can screenshot someone’s Instagram stories, posts, and even direct messages. To learn how to safely take an Instagram story screenshot or a DM, please refer to the guide below.

Does Instagram Notify When you screenshot a Story

No, Instagram will never notify the user if you view their story and take a screenshot. The user who uploaded that article also does not have access to the tools that can help them figure out if someone took their Instagram story screenshot. But it’s different in the case of disappearing messages, read below to find out how.

So, it’s completely safe to take an Instagram story screenshot if you don’t plan to misuse the content on that story.

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What About Instagram DMs?

Instagram does not notify the user if you screenshot a normal text Direct message (DM). But if you screenshot a disappearing message or image, the sender will be able to tell if you took a screenshot.

So, what are disappearing messages you ask? You can send a disappearing message by tapping on the camera button on the bottom left corner of the screen when you are on the DM page.

Instagram Notifies If You Screenshot A Disappearing Message

In the example below, “Hello” is a normal DM and the other “hello” with the colored background is a disappearing message and was created within Instagram.


I had to check this for myself on how this works and what kind of notification a user gets if a screenshot of their disappearing messages is taken.

I’ve used my personal account to send a DM and a disappearing DM to Windowslovers Instagram account.

As discussed earlier, a normal DM screenshot is not notified by Instagram but only the disappearing messages screenshots are.

There are three different options while sending a disappearing message, “VIEW ONCE”, ALLOW REPLAY” and “KEEP IN CHAT”.

You can check if the user has taken a screenshot on all the other options except, KEEP IN CHAT.


While using other options, you will see an icon instagram-screenshot-notification next to the post indicating that the user has opened the message and taken a screenshot.

What I’ve also found is that, even though you allow the photo to be replayed, if the user takes a screenshot on the first go, they won’t be able to replay it. Not exactly what purpose this serves but guessing this helps you prevent them from retaking the screenshot and notifying you of the action taken.

So, just be careful while screenshotting a disappearing message on Instagram as Instagram will notify the user if you screenshot their disappearing message.

What about if you screenshot a Instagram post?

Outside of the disappearing messages and posts on Instagram, I would assume it’s safe to screenshot anything else on the platform. No, Instagram does not notify if you screenshot a post. I don’t really see a possibility of this happening anytime soon either.

This includes any posts sent to you via direct messages as well.

How To Screenshot A Disappearing Message Without Notifying The User

There are certain ways you can still screenshot a disappearing message on Instagram, but I don’t recommend this if you are doing so without the consent of the sender. But if you are sure it’s okay to do so and the user not knowing about this is better, you can try one of the following.

i) Using Instagram On The Web

Login to your Instagram account on and go to your messages. You can easily take a screenshot on Windows using your keyboard shortcut.

Take a screenshot of the disappearing message using the web version does not notify the sender that a screenshot of the message was taken.

ii) Airplane Mode

This workaround can be slightly confusing to pull it off as sometimes your image might not be loaded properly.

Open the person’s message box on your phone but don’t open the disappearing message just yet. Once you are in their inbox, enable airplane mode on your phone or the device.

Tap on the message and take a screenshot, and close the app. Make sure you close it completely, even from the background as well.

Turn the airplane mode off, this makes sure Instagram does not notify when you screenshot a disappearing message.

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