How To Block YouTube Channels Completely From Showing Up

YouTube even though being the biggest video content provider of our age, there are times where there is content on YouTube that are completely against the website’s moral. It is quite understandable that such huge amounts of uploads, automatic video verification, and monitoring sometimes fall short. This eventually results in unwanted content or just videos that you do not want to see. So, how to Block YouTube channels so that you won’t see such videos.

There can be numerous reasons why someone would want to block a YouTube channel, I will also discuss what are the best precautions for each situation one can take.

  1. YouTube channel uploads videos that you are totally not interested in or offends you/people around you.
  2. YouTube recommendations are getting out of your hand is spamming your YouTube pages.
  3. Any parent who does not want their kids to watch videos that might harm their kids mentally/emotionally.
  4. If you are a content creator and certain users express hate with in your community.

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How To Block YouTube Channels Completely

Using an Extension To Block Channels

Let’s face it, not everyone that creates content on YouTube is talented. Some users have gotten massive success by posting nonsense content on the website (That people love watching).

YouTube is making changes to its algorithms as we speak. The algorithms are leaning more towards learning user’s behavior and their interests. So, if you watch a video uploaded by a certain person recently, chances are you will be shown that channel’s video more frequently.

So, how to block a YouTube channel that you do not want to see. To do this we will be using a plugin or an add-on. If all of our users come from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, let’s get started.

For Google Chrome

  1. Download and install a free extension called video blocker.
  2. Restart Google chrome and open the channel that you want to block.
  3. Right click on any of the video and click “Block videos from this channel”.
Block A YouTube Channel

Sometimes this does not completely block all the videos from the uploader. If that’s the case for you, you must manually block the channel.

  1. While inside google chrome (regardless on which website you are on). Look at your top right corner of the window. You should see a red stop/block icon.
  2. Clicking on that icon will load the options menu for video blocker.
  3. Select “Add” from the tabs provided within the options menu.
  4. Now type in the channel name exactly as it appears on YouTube.
    Note: This is Case Sensitive, so make sure the names look exactly same. For this reason, I would recommend that you should copy and paste the username into the options menu.
  5. After you’ve entered the name exactly as it appears on YouTube, click the + sign and the channel will be blocked.
Adding A Youtube Channel To Block
Adding A Youtube Channel To Block


Video blocker also provides other features rather than YouTube Channel Blocking.

  • Keyword Blocking: With keyword blocking you can block all the videos that has the keyword that you provide into the options menu. Let’s say you provide keyword “Money” all the videos that have “Money” in the title will be blocked.
  • Wildcard: Adding a wildcard filter will block all the videos that match the wildcard you provide.
  • Password Protection: Since you do not want anyone to work around the filters that you have put on the browser, make sure you secure the plugin with a secure password.

For Firefox

If you are a Firefox user, install google chrome first :P. Jokes apart get the installation from HERE.

The procedure to block YouTube channels or users are pretty much the same.

NOTE: This block is done on the browser level. So, if someone accesses YouTube from a different browser on the system, the filters will not work.

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Requesting YouTube To Recommend A YouTube Channel

YouTube’s algorithm of learning user’s choices and recent selection sucks sometimes. Your YouTube watch page and homepage might be bombarded with lots of videos that you do not want to watch.

So, in this scenario, there are two things you should do.

  1. Whenever you see a certain type of video that you would want YouTube to stop suggesting, just under the video thumbnail on the right-hand side you will see an icon (After you hover over the video). Click on the icon and click “not interested”.

Not Interested In A Video
Not Interested In A Video

When you click not interested, YouTube learns that too and will show fewer videos like that in the future. Next, I would like you to clear your watch and search history.

Look over to your left column’s top section. You should see a history option.

Inside history, click on “Clear all watch history”.

Next is open the “Search history” tab and clear all search history.

Clearing History And Search

Done? Now check if you see any more of those annoying videos from anyone. I doubt you will.

If you are not subscribed to a YouTube channel but watch content that YouTube thinks is very similar to a YouTube channel you would like to block, you can do so now.

This was not the case in the past, now you can stop YouTube from recommending YouTube channels that you do not want to watch or your kids to see them.

On the home page, when a video from a channel pops up, click on the three dots next to the video thumbnail that opens up the options for that video.


Scenario 3

Being a parent can be a difficult job. The job only gets much harder with all these technological advancements which lead to your kids being prone to unwanted and harmful online content. With no restriction in age to use the technology, you might find your kids watching and consuming harmful content from YouTube.

YouTube Kids

So how can you protect your kids from that? There are some measures that you can take to keep your kids far from such content. You can also set parental controls on YouTube that provides better protection to your kids.

  1. Create a brand-new channel and only use the same account on all the devices that your kids use.
  2. Only allow them access to “YouTube Kids”.
  3. Mentor what they are watching and keep the filters up to date.

Scenario 4

How to block YouTube channels that always only leave hateful comments on your video.

  • Open the YouTube channel that you want to block.
  • Go to their “About” tab.
  • Just next to the “Send message” button, you will see a small flag.
  • Click on that and block the user.
Blocking A User

So, can you unblock the user that you previously blocked? Yes, just go to your channel > Community settings and unblock the user.

That’s how to block youtube channels and stay away from unwanted content from YouTube.

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