5 YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts We Love

outube is one of the largest social media websites in the world today, just after Facebook. Right now, as I write down this post on 5 YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts, hours and hours of video content is constantly being uploaded to YouTube.

If you are one of the power users of YouTube, some keyboard tricks and shortcuts will definitely come in handy. Even though there are lots of shortcuts, the ones mentioned in this article are handpicked and really really useful to get the most of your video watching session on YouTube.

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5 YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

All these shortcuts are for the main YouTube player or the video watching page.

  1. Keyboard Shortcut to Play/Pause YouTube Video

Everyone knows this one rite?? You just press the space bar and the video pauses and plays. But you must have pressed the space bar and sometimes it might have scrolled the page instead of pausing the video. Yes, that is a bit annoying.

The space bar only pauses and plays the video back if the video is selected. By selected, I mean if you have clicked on the video and nowhere else.

To play and pause the video regardless of what you’ve selected or clicked, you should use the “K” key. Use the “K” key on your keyboard to pause and play the video.

2. Keyboard Shortcut to Rewind/Forward YouTube Video.

There is couple ways to this.

  • Forward/rewind 5 seconds : If you use the arrow keys/direction keys(Left or Right) on the keyboard, the video will rewind or forward five seconds.
  • Forward/Rewind 10 seconds: On the other hand, if you use the “J” and “L” button, it forwards/rewinds the video by 10 seconds.

3. Entering Full Screen On YouTube Video

To watch the YouTube video in fullscreen without any distractions, just hit the “F” key. And to toggle back or exit the fullscreen, press the “F” key again. It is that simple.

4. Enable captions on A YouTube video

YouTube provides captions for all the videos on YouTube. In some cases, the uploader might have provided the caption by themselves. If not, YouTube automatically generates captions for the video you are watching in the language of your choice.

Keyboard shortcut to toggle the caption on/off in a YouTube video is the “C” button.

5. Mute a YouTube video from keyboard

Inorder to mute a YouTube video, use the “M” key.

Google has also provided lots of other keyboard keys combinations for YouTube find them here.

The ones that have been mentioned in this article are the ones that I cannot live without and use them all the time.

Hope these YouTube Keyboard Controls helps you acquire better control on YouTube navigation and use.

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