How To Loop A YouTube Video [2021] – YouTube Repeat


Youtube has been everyone’s go-to place for music and video consumption these days. Its undoubtedly one of the major sources of music consumption after Spotify, pandora, etc. Since YouTube’s primary purpose is not to serve the music, it lacks most of the basic functions when anyone wants to use YouTube as a music provider. In …

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How To Play YouTube In The Background iPhone 2021


When Apple released iOS 14 beta and along with it came the picture and picture feature. You can now watch any video while using other applications or even play them in the background. Unfortunately, when the full version was released, the picture in picture mode stopped working for YouTube. In this guide, I will explain …

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How To Enable YouTube Picture in Picture on iOS 14


Apple released a new feature called picture in picture with iOS 14. This feature was working initially on the iOS 14 beta, but with the official release of iOS 14, this feature worked. Let’s see how to enable YouTube picture in picture in iOS 14 without any third part shortcut apps. One can easily enable …

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How To Set Parental Controls On YouTube?


In the recent announcement, YouTube announces a new feature that allows parents to fully control YouTube on their children’s devices. This latest feature will enable children or young teenagers to watch videos and explore programs within parent-set boundaries. If your kids love to watch YouTube, it is very important to build a child-safe space to …

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Record Screen For YouTube Like A PRO


YouTube can be a lot of help sometimes. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that are merely screencasts, showing how to solve a specific issue. Today in this article I am going to guide you through the process of how to record screen for YouTube. Read: How Much Money Can A Youtuber Make? …

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How To Download YouTube Videos On Mac


Are you an apple user, and use apple’s laptops as your daily driver. If you consume most of your video content from YouTube, like your favourite music artists, funniest videos or memories of all of your friends and want to keep a copy of the video for further references. As easy it is to download …

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Watch YouTube Videos Blocked In Your Country


“This video is not available in your country,” how often does this happen to you when you want to watch videos from your favorite subscriptions. I understand this is really frustrating to not being able to watch your favorite videos because of the country restrictions set by the video’s uploader. Not anymore, we are here to …

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