10 Best Way to Boost Your WiFi Speed


Everyone gets frustrated when they have to wait a couple of minutes to browse anything because of their slow internet speed. This article helps you to increase WiFi speed without paying extra. In the era of fast technology, slow Internet is of not much use. The Internet plays a significant role in our study, lifestyle, …

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How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use


Online music streaming is one of the biggest ways of consuming music these days. Obviously besides YouTube, iTunes or any other service that you are subscribed to. So how much data does streaming music use?? If you are streaming music over your Wi-Fi, this might not be a big issue. If you are using your …

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Google Chrome Flags : Everything You Need To Know

Chrome Flags – Introduction and Some Most Useful Chrome Flags Google Chrome is the browser that almost every computer has it. It is so now so popular because of its flexible features. Chrome Flags is one of the features. In this article we will see what is Chrome Flags, How to enable it? And some most important …

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Best Evite Alternatives To Send Free Online Invitations


If you are not acquainted with what is Evite, it’s an online service for sending and receiving invitations for different types of celebrations online. Evite’s wide range of online invitations makes it’s the most preferred place to get a neat and quick design to invite your closest friends for an upcoming event. We’ve tried some …

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Get Rid Of Annoying Online Surveys


You are frustrated by online surveys and looking for a survey remover or a trick on how to bypass surveys online, we are here to help. I am also one of the victims of the useless online surveys and countless are the number of times I’ve actually tried to solve them. And every time, I end …

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How Much Is Netflix Per Month(Us,Australia,India)


Netflix is right now one of the most famous premium video streaming websites on the internet. Netflix has been able to grasp the amount of success that other streaming services are thriving for, but how much is Netflix in your country?? Is it any different than any other countries that are able to use this service. We …

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Best Free Proxy Sites List – Proxy Server Websites List 2015

Proxy Servers or proxy websites are basically a third party computer/server that serves us the content that we request to the proxy server and it propagates it back to us, completely keeping our identity anonymous. Instead pretends itself to be to destination for the requested website or web content. In simple words, proxy server is …

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How To Block Pop Ups With Chrome Pop Up Blocker

Pop ups are the most annoying part when it comes to browsing the Internet and mostly those low authority sites which are desperate to make money out of anything. Basically pop ups are the unwanted windows that open up due to a java script that serves a add or an other admin’s intentional materials that …

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Get Kik For PC, An Online Messenger

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you to get Kik For PC, if you donot want to read the article.  Kik might not be a online messenger that experienced the kind of success Whatsapp or Wechat were able to gain. Still, its not far behind with a satisfiable number of registered and active users, easy …

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