How To Make Youtube Videos Load Faster

YouTube is one of the world’s largest free online video streaming services. A huge amount of people either upload or consume the data from YouTube. But are you struggling to get a decent amount of buffering speed and either upload or downloading the videos is being a problem?? Well, we’ve tried to sum up the most possible reasons that might be slowing up your internet connection and in fact slowing down the buffering speed of your videos.
If you’ve been scooping around the internet to find out the best way to make YouTube videos load faster than you must be accompanied with the term called the feather beta.
In case, you’re not familiar with Feather Beta, its a mode that anyone can opt-in by typing in the URL :
but unfortunately this service has been discontinued for some reason and users are in a hunt of a new method to make their YouTube buffering speed faster.
There are some decent reasons that your YouTube might run slower and lets look into these and how we can over come these problems to make YouTube videos load much faster on regular connection.

Basics Of Making YouTube Videos Load Faster

  • First and foremost, is your PC running at an optimum speed that can handle smooth video buffering? That’s actually on the aspects to look for if you really looking to speed up things. It does not matter if one has a 1 MBPS line on a really slow PC. Your internet is definitely gonna lag , if your hardware cannot support the needs and requirements for smooth YouTube’s video buffering.
  • Secondly is your connection really good enough to support fluent buffering without any trouble. Most of the times, we fail to understand that all our ISP cap our internet capabilities according to our plans and requirements. Some of the ISP’s provide full bandwidth for YouTube buffering. Lets enlighten this topic a little further.

Understanding YouTube Cache Server

Some countries have their own YouTube cache server. A YouTube cache server is a server which loads the videos from YouTube’s main server at very high speed and then provides to its locals at higher speed as the data doesn’t have to travel at higher speed. We all must have noticed that the videos that have already been played once load much faster than the ones that are being buffered on a PC for the very first time.
So, if your country has a YouTube cache server, then keep your fingers crossed and expect a much faster videos buffering speed.
Making YouTube videos load faster is not any rocket science. Playing YouTube videos is simply loading a web content that has a bit large size than the usual files does and so to load the file at higher speed you need a better connection speed. But if you have a better speed but still struggling to find a decent buffering speed, you can try to look into various factors that might be eating up the network’s speed or even try some video accelarators that promise to accelarate the rate your computer bufferes videos from YouTube.

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