Nokia Z Launcher APK File Download And Best Features

Nokia showcased a new launcher with a promise to smartphone users to redefine the way to interact with their phones with a higher level of increased productivity and usability. But back then it was not available to download and install on your phone directly from the app store as it was in the test phase. It was later pushed to the app store as a beta only to be pulled from the play store without any notice. Luckily lots of platforms online have the Nokia Z launcher APK available for download.

One can easily download and install the Z launcher from the android app but it still does not support downloads in all the countries. Like, it’s not available for download in Australia too at this stage. So, to use the Z launcher you can download Nokia Z launcher .apk file and install it on your android phone.

Nokia Z Launcher 2021 Update

The Z launcher was available in the Google play store in the past but was removed without any notice from Nokia or Google. Many believe that it was because it was in the beta for too long and that led to Google removing the app from the store. Read ‘s article related to this.

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I’ve installed the Z launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S5 in the past and it ran fine. Though I am not quite that much of a fan of launchers as they eat up the battery, and sometimes slow down the device performance as well. But, this android launcher from Nokia did not quite seem to slow down the device but actually helped to improve the usability of your device.

It’s 2021 and I’ve tried to install the Nokia Z launcher on my Samsung Galaxy A52 phone with the latest version of Android OS available for that phone.

As you know the android OS updates and upgrades are pushed by the carrier, your android version might be different from mines.

Nokia Z Launcher APK File Download

Nokia Z launcher was initially available in the app store for anyone to download. Initially, there was a country restriction on the download option but the app was pulled from the Google play store completely.

Download The APK File

How To Install The Launcher

The installation of the launcher is pretty straightforward, just open the APK file and tap on “Install”.


Once the installation is completed, the app will ask you for permissions to access contacts, messages, and other things it needs to access to function properly. I would say leave it to the default option selected, but again it’s up to you to choose.


The app will prompt you that the launcher was built for an older version of Android if you install it on a newer version android operating system. I am not sure if this affects anything as I have not faced any issue with the app as of the time I am writing this article.

Just ignore the warning and tap on “OK”.


Finally, make sure you choose the Z Launcher as the home app after this step. This is to make sure that every time you press the home button it does not close the Nokia Z launcher and go back to Samsung one UI.

Feel free to leave any feedback and queries in the comment section below. I hope someday Nokia will bring back the launcher and give it a refresh as all the users have been asking for. If you use the Z launcher, please let me know what do you think about it.

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  1. I’m a fan of Z launcher, it’s simple yet stylish at the same time. It works well on my Samsung S8 but when I tried to install it on Samsung S21 Ultra, somehow the screen becomes not full. The top and bottom screen look cropped. I wish there’s something to fix it 🙁


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