How To Install Nokia Z Launcher For Android In Australia

Nokia showcased a new launcher with a promise to smartphone users to redefine the way to interact with their phone with higher level of increased productivity and usability. But back then it was not available to download and install on your phone.Today, six months later you can actually download and install Nokia Z launcher On your android phone for free. Though it is still in beta stage, it’s not bad for a beta app.


One can easily download and install the Z launcher from the android app but it still does not support downloads in all the countries. Like, its not available for download in Australia too at this stage. So, to use the Z launcher you can download Nokia Z launcher .apk file and install it on your phone.

I’ve installed the z launcher on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and it runs fine. Though I am not quite that much of a fan of launchers as they eat up the battery, and sometimes slows down the device performance as well. But, this android launcher from Nokia does not quite seem to slow down the device but actually help to improve the usability of your device.

Best Features of Nokia Z Launcher

Lets look at some of the best features of the launcher

Prediction Algorithm

According to Nokia, the launcher learns itself from what the user inputs and mostly uses at instances of a day and puts these apps and features upfront at those time. One can keep intrack with these insights on the app’s settings.

Scribble To Search

One of the features that I really loved about the Z launcher is the scribble to search feature that reads the user’s scribble on the launcher’s home screen and displays the list of applications starting with the letter you scribbled.And Lots More…

So, lets look into downloading and installing Nokia Z Launcher in Australia and unsupported countries by downloading Nokia Z launcher .apk file.

Download The Z launcher apk File From Here.

Donot forget to goto settings on your phone and tick the “Unknown Sources”.

To do that follow these steps :

  • Goto Settings and go to security settings.
  • Scroll down and you should find a tick option “Unknown Sources” and tick it.

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