How To Block Websites On iPhone or iPads


Apple has some of the best privacy and security features for its devices. It makes it really easy and convenient to manage and control all your family devices from a single account. If you have kids and want to learn how to block websites on their iPhones or iPads, it’s very easy to set it …

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How To Print Text Messages From iPhone For Court?


Nowadays smartphone makes our work very simple and easy. There are lots of things that we can do with the help of our smartphones. We have lots of documents, paper works, and even important text messages in our phone storage, and sometimes we might need to print them out. Many iPhone users don’t know that …

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Why is Face ID not Working In iPhone 11? – Easy Solution


With time, Apple products are getting more advance. After the release of the iPhone X, Apple has stopped including the touch id feature, and instead of that, they are providing an advanced face recognition system. The face ID option on your iPhone has a lot of potential applications. You may use it to sign into …

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How To Mirror Android To PC Using Free Apps


There are many different ways from which you can easily cast android to PC. Either you can use an app or the built-in features available on your PC and Android. Screen mirroring is a method of digitally sharing/mirroring one user’s screen with another device, such as mirroring an Android screen on your PC or vice …

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Different Ways to Transfer Files from Pc to iPhone


Many people are looking for the best way to transfer files from PC to iPhone and vice-versa. Talking about apple, there weren’t many options for file transfer purposes. The only way was from iTunes. Which, in my opinion, is a very time-consuming process, particularly if you just want to migrate one or two files. In …

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How to Change the System Language on Android and iOS Devices?


There are more than 100 system languages on both Android and iOS devices. Sometimes you may accidentally change the system language of your phone and then you face difficulties in using your phone. Similarly, the system language of the phone depends upon the country as well. For example, if you purchase your phone in China …

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Find Your Lost Android Phone

Losing any of your favorite items can be a bad experience for anyone, especially when it’s your phone that you lose. It can happen in just a second. Losing your cellphone means cutting off your access to the rest of the world. There are different features available within the phone that will help you to …

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Must Have Photo Editing Apps For iPhone


Early days, photo editing was very limited to computers only. With mobile phones and apps’ evolution, every one of us wants to take high-quality photos or make so edit for the photos. There are many free and paid photo editing apps from the basic camera to full-featured editing photo app with the latest smartphones. All …

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Android


In the playstore, you will find lots of photo editing apps among which, some are worthy and some are just a complete waste of time. In recent days we have got some of the best photo editing apps that will amaze you for sure. After going through lots of website and user reviews in the …

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Best Methods To Transfer File From Android Device


What is an Android File Transfer? Some of the best methods to transfer files from Android to other devices and vice-versa. Android File Transfer is the transfer of files from one android to another or from an android to Desktop or Laptop or MAC or iPhone or vice-versa. Either via Wi-Fi or OTG Connector or …

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