How To Find Mac Address on iPhone [Any Model]

How-To-Find-Mac-Address-on-iPhone -private-wifi-address-any-model

Mac Address is a unique address assigned to every device that is or can be connected to the internet. For whatever reason, if you are wondering how to find the MAC address on iPhone or iPad devices, the process is very simple. Your iPhone has a WiFi card which enables you to connect to various …

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What Does No Location Found Mean on iPhone Find My App


iOS 13 merged Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a single app called Find My App. When the application fails to read the exact location of your friend or family, it says No location found or location not available. But what’s the difference between them and what does no location found mean and …

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Do Not Disturb On The iPhone Explained In Detail


Enabling do not disturb on the iPhone is the quickest way to make sure you are not distracted by a tweet or a snap from your friend. But how do you enable or disable do not disturb on iPhone and what actually does it mean when you enable do not disturb mode on your iPhone, …

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Why Are My Messages Green Not Blue On My iPhone


iMessage is one of the main reasons people stick to the apple ecosystem. Before getting an iPhone, I never understood the craze behind iMessage, to be honest. After a few days of using iMessage, I would wonder at times “why are my messages green when texting another iPhone” instead of blue like they should be? …

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How To Unsilence Calls on iPhone and Turn On Ringer


If your phone is not ringing when you are receiving phone calls or automatically silences your calls, this guide will help you fix your problem. I’ll share the reasons why this might be happening in the first place and also how to unsilence calls and turn on ringer on your iPhone. In some extreme cases, …

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Why Is My Battery Yellow On iPhone? How To Fix It?


If you are an iPhone or iPad user and wondering “why is my battery yellow on my iPhone?”, it is a feature that Apple introduced with the release of iOS 9. I say it’s a feature because a yellow battery icon indicates that your iPhone is in power saving mode. The feature only activates when …

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How To Turn Off Talkback On Android Phone or Tablet


TalkBack is a feature introduced by Google back in 2009 as a part of their android OS. TalkBack allows people with low visibility or blindness to use their phones with voice feedback using the talkback feature. If you have accidentally enabled this feature on your Samsung phone or any android phone and wondering how to …

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How To Clear Cache On iPhone Apps Without Deleting Them


Clearing cache on iPhone apps can help improve the performance of the apps, clears out discrepancies if there are any, and contribute to the overall performance of your iPhone. I must preface this is true for iPads too or any devices operating on the iOS platform. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to clear …

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Open Youtube Studio Desktop Site On Chrome Mobile Browser


The YouTube Studio is a great tool if you are a content creator like me, it’s kind of a separate YouTube for creators only. I use the YouTube studio desktop site on Chrome to streamline the overall management of my YouTube channel. The usability of the YouTube desktop version website even on a mobile phone …

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How To Unsend iMessages In iOS 16 After Its Delivered?


iMessages are one of the main reasons that have got people hooked onto their iPhones and the whole Apple ecosystem. I am not going to lie, I was a skeptic until recently before getting an iPhone myself. One of the main highlights for me is the Facetime quality and iMessages. One feature that iMessage lacked …

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How To Make Chrome Default Browser On iPhone or iOS 14


Apple finally listened to its users and allowed users to pick their favorite browser as the default browser on iPhone or any iOS 14 compatible devices. I am a big fan of Google Chrome and is my default browser on Windows 10 system. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make Chrome default browser …

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What Does Renew Lease On Wifi Mean For iOS Device


If you recently got a prompt on your iPhone or any other iOS device to renew wifi lease, it’s normal and very safe to do so. But if you are wondering what does renew lease on wifi mean, this article should help you understand that. I’ve tried my best to help you understand what is …

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How To Change Font Size On iPhone


iPhones don’t provide too many customization options to their users as the android system does. But you can still change basic settings to make sure the phone suits your usage the best. If the default font size on an iPhone is not comfortable reading size, this is a step-by-step guide on how to change font …

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[SOLVED] Google Play Service Keeps Stopping Unexpectedly


Google has come a long way with its applications and products. I use both android and iOS devices. Even though I like the stability of an iPhone, Android has its own charm but also its weird issues. If you are one of the users whose Google play service keeps stopping, these solutions should get rid …

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