How To Turn Off Talkback On Android Phone or Tablet


TalkBack is a feature introduced by Google back in 2009 as a part of their android OS. TalkBack allows people with low visibility or blindness to use their phones with voice feedback using the talkback feature. If you have accidentally enabled this feature on your Samsung phone or any android phone and wondering how to …

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[SOLVED] Google Play Service Keeps Stopping Unexpectedly


Google has come a long way with its applications and products. I use both android and iOS devices. Even though I like the stability of an iPhone, Android has its own charm but also its weird issues. If you are one of the users whose Google play service keeps stopping, these solutions should get rid …

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How To Turn Off Samsung S20: 4 Easy Ways


Earlier Samsung galaxy phones were easy to turn off and restart. The case is not the same with Samsung Galaxy s20. If you’ve never used the phone, you might be wondering how to turn off Samsung S20, right? It’s easy to do it, but not the same as on other traditional android phones. There are …

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How To Mirror Android To PC Using Free Apps


There are many different ways from which you can easily cast android to PC. Either you can use an app or the built-in features available on your PC and Android. Screen mirroring is a method of digitally sharing/mirroring one user’s screen with another device, such as mirroring an Android screen on your PC or vice …

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How to Change the System Language on Android and iOS Devices?


There are more than 100 system languages on both Android and iOS devices. Sometimes you may accidentally change the system language of your phone and then you face difficulties in using your phone. Similarly, the system language of the phone depends upon the country as well. For example, if you purchase your phone in China …

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How To Find Your Lost Android Phone For Free


Losing any of your favorite items can be a bad experience for anyone, especially when it’s your phone that you lose. It can happen in just a second. Losing your cellphone means cutting off your access to the rest of the world. There are different features available within the phone that will help you to …

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Android


In the playstore, you will find lots of photo editing apps among which, some are worthy and some are just a complete waste of time. In recent days we have got some of the best photo editing apps that will amaze you for sure. After going through lots of website and user reviews in the …

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Best Methods To Transfer File From Android Device


What is an Android File Transfer? Some of the best methods to transfer files from Android to other devices and vice-versa. Android File Transfer is the transfer of files from one android to another or from an android to Desktop or Laptop or MAC or iPhone or vice-versa. Either via Wi-Fi or OTG Connector or …

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Free Best Launchers For Android Phones – TOP 19


Launchers in an Android smartphone help you to customize your home screen with custom options. If you want to see the weather information, news, market statistics, world clock, or other info on your home screen without opening the application then launchers help you to do that. The launchers change the whole appearance of your smartphone …

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10 Best Free Games For Kids / Toddlers iPad,iPhone,Android

Babies and Toddlers always attract towards the screen, especially mobiles. They like to watch and play on mobiles. It is a good idea to install interactive games on your smartphone which not just entertain the toddler but also help them to learn new skills. There are plenty of games available for toddlers on both Android …

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Nokia Z Launcher APK File Download And Best Features


Nokia showcased a new launcher with a promise to smartphone users to redefine the way to interact with their phones with a higher level of increased productivity and usability. But back then it was not available to download and install on your phone directly from the app store as it was in the test phase. …

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