Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro VN7-571G-70HF Australia First Impressions

Its my third day of using my new laptop and here are my first impressions of the laptop from the unboxing till its third day of “light” use.

After looking around too much and comparing lots of laptops from different manufacturers, I finally settled fro Acer Aspire V Nitro, 15.6” laptop. Actually it cost me 1,199 AUD, this is little below my actual budget, but it feels good to save some money and get the kind of specs you looking for.


Ok, so without further a do, lets get into some of the best part and also the down sides of the laptops that I’ve come through.

Below is a list of specifications of the machine that I own.

I’ll try to save you some time and get into the summary of this article and go in a bit depth about how I feel about the laptop.

Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro : First Impressions


  • Thin and light
  • Best speakers I’ve ever experienced on a laptop
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Cool and silent


  • Worst touchpad I’ve ever used on a laptop
  • The whole laptop is a finger print magnet

Actually, I have not yet installed any games or heavy applications on this system yet, or have not edited and rendered any videos yet. But I will, in the coming days and will definitely share my experiences with you in the future blog posts.

Unboxing Experience

Well, nothing much to talk about here. A regular Acer laptop box, with laptop’s image on the front and specs on the side. Inside the box, you will see the laptop covered in protective paper bags, and underneath it, you’ll see manuals, safety instructions and other stuff. The charger is on the side of the laptop itself.

And that’s pretty much everything.


Straight out of the box, the laptop felt really light and slim. I was really impressed with the looks, feel and the weight of the laptop.


The first thing I did after getting everything set up, (It literally took more than 10 minutes to get everything to set up,:/ ) was opened up a YouTube video. I don’t literally remember which video was that I played, but I remember that the sound was and actually still is, phenomenal. Hands down, the best laptop speakers that I’ve and may be you’ve ever listened to.

The laptop has 4 speakers, and all the speakers are down ward facing. Couple of which, if on the top would not have hurt I guess, but boy the speakers sound amazing. Like, I cannot stop talking about the laptop’s speakers. The power, bass, clarity everything is top notch. Well, enough of my brag about the speakers. 😀

Though I am not that much fan of the red color, but the red backlight keyboard on the black body looks kind of tempting. The keyboard feels great, it has enough travel, well designed keys. Since it’s a 15.6” laptop, a separate number pad is a must I guess, and this laptop is no exception. A full sized number pad, and function keys as well. You can turn the laptop’s touch pad, turn the backlight on or off and bunch of other features.

The enter key is a bit weirdly shaped, looks like it was chopped up in half to insert the pipe key. Well, if you are not a fan of mechanical keyboard, this laptop will not let you down.

Like I said, I am yet to install heavy duty applications, games and put this laptop through some heavy work load, during some benchmark works and some heavy usage. Like watching a full HD video, 15+ tabs open on chrome, listening to music and lots of other stuffs running in background, the laptop remained silent and I did not feel the laptop getting warm on the top.



Ok, so the biggest issue with the laptop is the touchpad for sure. Well, for the price tag, manufacturers have to compromise in some compartments, but still touch pad is the heart of the laptop. Because carrying around a mouse with the laptop for outdoor use does not make any sense does it. And trust me if you take your laptop around a lot, you will never forget to throw a external mouse in your backpack. Because the track pad will really, really, really disappoint you.

Truly speaking, the worst touch pad I’ve ever used and I have used some pretty tragically designed and manufactured laptop. The laptop’s touch pad material is too rough, and not slippery or smooth. It kind of stutters when we move our finger over it.

When I used the laptop for the first time, I was kind of in a dilemma if I had bought the right laptop. It is tactile, clicky but it’s not accurate. When you try to close a window or try to click on a link, chances are most of the time, you will end up either not clicking on the link and something else entirely, or will miss the close button by a mile(:D) .   

Though I really like the looks of the laptop, the material they’ve used is a finger magnet. Like the keys, the palm rest, the bezels everything will attract the oils on your fingers if they’re dirty. So, one has to make sure their fingers are clean before using the laptop.


Well, these were just some of my first impressions of the Acer aspire v 15 Nitro VN7-571G-70HF, with core i7 5500 U processor, Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 M 4 GB graphics card and 8 GB ram.

I will also post my further detailed overall review of the laptop after some of the video editing and heavy gameplay. So, make sure to check that in near future and do not forget to subscribe to our website on various social media websites.

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