How To Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area On Windows 10


If you are familiar with the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) error in Windows systems, you might have faced a “page fault in nonpaged area” BSOD error at some point in time. These are mostly caused by kernel failures in Windows, meaning critical files required to boot into windows are either missing or corrupt. Solutions …

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Getting Windows Ready Stuck On Processing Page[FIX]


Windows updates and upgrades can be a pain sometimes. I have to admit that with the SSD drives, things do move quite quickly, but last time I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 20H2, getting windows ready stuck on the processing page. If you are also facing a similar issue, this guide should help you …

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How To Fix The System Cannot Find The File Specified


Windows is one of the most popular operating systems widely used on personal computers and enterprises. Its flexible customization options to meet the needs of an organization or a person are what binds lots of us in this ecosystem. This means you might have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting and making sure the …

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System Thread Exception Not Handled – Step By Step Guide


BSOD (Blue screen of Death) is an error state that your system reaches and gives you a system thread exception not handled error. Different BSOD gives a different error, but the troubleshooting is usually same across different kinds of errors. This article is a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve system thread exception …

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Fix Didn’t Detect Another Display Error On Windows 10


I have run into issues before where windows 10 does not detect my second monitor. After reading lots of tutorials online, most of them guided me to click on the “Detect” button, and that should solve the second monitor not detected issue. But, it just kept on giving me Didn’t detect another display message constantly. …

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Why I Cannot Boot From An USB Drive

Have you been trying to install new windows from a USB on your laptop or PC but your system cannot boot from USB? Well this article aims at providing you with insights on this much asked question these days with advanced firmware and booting methods. I recently tried to boot Backtrack OS, Linux operating system …

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The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc00007b {FIXED}


Error Code 0xc00007b, the application was unable to start correctly, is one of those really annoying errors that nearly all of the windows users have come across at least once in their lifespan of being a windows user. Why this error is particularly annoying because, this does not quite explain as much about the issue …

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Fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed On Windows 10


Windows 10 users run into lots of issues every now and then, most of them tend to occur after a Windows update that Microsoft does almost every day. No, I am not saying that Windows updates are bad, but Windows systems do face unusual system issues frequently as compared to macOS users. One of the …

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