0xc00007b : Application Unable To Start[Solutions]

Error Code 0xc00007b error: The application was unable to start correctly, is one of those really annoying error that nearly all of the windows users have come across at least once in their lifespan of being a windows user.

Why this error is particularly annoying because, this does not quite explain as much about the issue itself, and thereby leaves us no choice whether to look into the application that was not able to start correctly to fix it or should we look into any kinds of faults within our system.

Either way, we will be discussing about all of the different reasons behind the 0xc00007b error and the most proven working solutions and work around for the “The application was unable to start correctly” error.

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Why a user receives ” 0xc00007b : The application was unable to start correctly” ? And Their Solutions.

OK, so instead of getting ahead of myself and stating a common issue behind these kinds of error, I would like to explain all of the most possible and common reason beside any user coming across this kind of error messages on windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 or even windows 10.


1. Microsoft Visual C++ Packages

So, these Microsoft Visual C++ packages or libraries are required to smoothly run bunch of different application softwares and games on a windows PCs. Sometimes these libraries might get corrupt or are out of date and can result in an application to not start correctly.

Solution: The easy and simple solution is to reinstall the new and updated version of Visual C++ on your computer.

To install the previous installed version, goto Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Microsoft Visual C+((…..)) and reinstall all the things that read as visual C++.

After you’ve done that, download a latest version of Visual C from Microsoft’s website for free from the link here.  (Please make sure that you download the correct version for your system architecture)

The version of Visual C++ that I have linked in the previous link is for a 32 bit operating system. If you are not sure which operating system you are using, you can easily find it out by looking at your system properties.

2. MSVCP110.dll mismatch.

This one might be also reason, because this is a file that some of the applications create themselves. So when there are two applications on the system that require same file for their operation, either app might not be able to work as the filename might be the same, but the content of the file might be different.

Please make a copy of the file before actually delete the file in the below mentioned process. 


  • Locate the file under c:\Windows\SysWOW64 and delete the file MSVCP110.dl. 
  • Restart the application that was giving you the error and see if it works.
  • What this actually does is, application usually create the file itself after they are once initiated, so deleting the file will force the app to create one that it actually needs to function.

3. Direct X and .NET Framework Issues

Direct X and .Net Framework are also the basics when it comes to running any application or games on a windows PC. So if any of the files are corrupt or faulty, you might have to fix these issues to get the application up and running again.


The easiest way to fix this issue is to download the latest version of these software from the Microsoft’s website and install them on your PC. Here are the links for DIRECT X and Microsoft .Net Framework. 

4. Administrative Right Issues And OS Incompatibility

Sometimes what we do not realize that an application might require “Administrative rights” to function at all. And the worst part is that some applications do not prompt for administrator rights.

Solution: Right click on the app and click on the option that reads “Run as an administrator”. And click “Yes” on the dialog box that follows. If everything goes right, your application will run without any issues.
Another major reason is due to incompatibility of the app itself with the version, type or the architecture of the window that you are using. Find out the required type, version and the architecture of the windows that the application requires and then follow the following steps.

Solution: Right click on the app and click on properties. From the dialog box, select the compatibility tab and then you will see an option that reads as “Compatibility mode”. Turn on the check box that says ,”Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select the windows version that the application is fully compatible with and hit apply. If needed, select the further requirements of the app from the setting section, just below the Compatibility mode” section.

Finally, run the application and see if it works.


Hope this solves, 0xc00007b error: This application was unable to start correctly problems and gets you to enjoy all of your favorite applications and games.

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