No Audio Output Device Is Installed [Solved]

OK, have you been facing “No audio output device is installed” issues and cannot figure out how to fix the issue and get the audio on your PC working, then there might me lots of reasons that might cause in the faulty audio device or the driver resulting in preventing your PC to produce any audio at all and all of them have their own solutions and way they can be fixed. So, today lets look into finding out the most usual reasons that contribute to creating these issues and also lets find out some easy to implement fixes that might work for everyone. 
1. First things first you got to understand that all the systems have a audio hardware in them and for the hardware device to perform normally or at all, you have to have a audio driver that is compatible with the hardware that you have. You usually have a audio driver’s software installation CD with the packaging when you buy it. Try re-installing it and see if it works or not. 
2. Do you have a version of Windows that support your hardware at all, most of the times Linux supports a hardware but windows or mac does not and vice versa. So, you have to check and see if your hardware is actually supported and compatible with the version of the Operating System you have installed on your system. 

Fixes for no audio output device is installed 

So, having seeing at some of the basics of the reasons causing the No Audio Output Device Is Installed issues let see and get to know some of the usual solutions you should try before getting into intense troubleshooting your device. 
  • The most basic and the solution that has worked for most of the users is by simply disabling and enabling the sound driver via the control panel. 
Just goto Control Panel > Device Manager > “Your Sound device” and then right click on the icon “Disable” it and then enable it back after refreshing the page.
  • Now try uninstalling and re installing the device driver using the Audio driver installation CD.
  • Try updating the driver software online which might make your hardware compatible with the version of operating system you have.
  • Try reading the manual you have and see all the requirements for the audio driver to run.

Some Advanced Tips To Fix The Issue

You might generally get a error code while you try to re enable it from the control panel. It looks like the one in the image below. 


What you can do is copy the error code exactly it is and paste the error code in Google and find solutions for it.
Also, you can open up your system’s casing if it is a PC and see if the audio output device is in good condition or not. If not, you might have to get it fixed. 
So, hope this solves your audio issues and you no longer get the “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” issues on your PC or laptop. Further issues can be discussed in the comments below.

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